Love and a .45


Crime / Romance / Thriller

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December 8, 2019


Charlotte Ross as Mary Wyatt
Jeffrey Combs as Sumner
Renée Zellweger as Sonia Horowitz
Rory Cochrane as Billy Mack Black
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rob-236 8 / 10 / 10

Little known wonder of a film

Tarantino-esq action thriller which is worth a look and will not disappoint fans of Quentin's films particularly True Romance. It has (lots of ) violence, rapid gun fire, white trash characters and a large dollop of that comic book humour that has got Quent where he is today. It is easy to see that this film takes its inspiration from the aforementioned film, but it does stand on its own feet as the script and the action is good enough to entertain you throughout. Bellows and Zellwegger are good in the leads and the supporting Rory Cochrane is great fun as their psychotic madman 'friend' out to settle a few old scores. Peter Fonda is a standout as Zellweggers' dad. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by YAMA23 8 / 10 / 10


Anyone who like their films stacked with dark humour and well-written characters should check this out! It's "Natural Born Killers-esque" in style here and there, but was actually made before that movie. Absolutely stunning performances all round. I highly recommend this film.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 8 / 10 / 10

Unfairly Maligned...Clever, Violent, and Funny

Some lazy and uninformed Critics and Reviewers can't help themselves and immediately lash out at this Movie's similarity to others Directed by Tarantino, Rodriguez, Stone, and Lynch. Truth of the Matter is that when Films are so near in release dates it is unfair and somewhat inaccurate to claim thievery. It is more likely and a bit Metaphysical that these Creative Folks were all tapping into that Akashic Record thing or what may be called the Hundred Monkey Theory. Whatever. This is a very good, Fun-Frolic Road Movie with White Trash Anti-Heroes and a Kick-Ass Soundtrack. More quirky characters than have a right to exist in any one Movie and some Witty Banter that makes it all quite a Rolicking Ride. It is over the top, around the bend, down the rabbit hole and off into outer space. Nutzoid and Naughty, Dirty and Delightful, with a Cast that cries out Cult Movie. It is proudly self-conscious, Violent, and Funny enough for it to become part of the Zeitgeist that was working in its Day and can not be ignored. This one will do nothing but gain Reputation and Admiration acquiring more Fans every Year. It was an easy thing to miss and dismiss this in the Mid-Nineties but if nothing else, the Success of Renee Zellweger will have the curious seeking this one out as a Career Starter and while she is a standout here, this Movie has more to offer and does so with layers of interest far beyond anything as shallow as Star Power. It gets its energy from a Chemical Compound and a Cultural Milieu that is forever Fascinating.

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