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Jenn Gotzon as Emily Dupree

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Reviewed by john-08676-04364 8 / 10 / 10

Funny, Inspirational, Entertaining

I thought Love Different was above average for a low-budget Christian film. Anthony Hackett showed an acting range beyond his intensity in Crisis Call, and I'm going to check out his other films. He also gets my thumbs up for directing. The premise that a white girl lands in black workplace and needs culture training is believable and opens doors for the main characters to explore faith and the human condition through race and family. The people and situations they encounter are varied and fun, and they help drive the plot. Many scenes are stereotypical, but that's anticipated in a race-exploring film, and there's enough depth in the characters' lives with her undisciplined son and his stagnant marriage to balance out the thinner elements. There are some scenes where actors seek humor by pushing a situation beyond their skills, but that's excusable in a low-budget exercise. I found the ending satisfying, and I recommend seeing the whole movie to judge for yourself. I'd call it about a 6.5 film overall versus 8-9 big-budget blockbusters, then I add the extra points for the crucial reminder to think in terms of higher powers.

Reviewed by elaine-mingus 10 / 10 / 10

Very Interesting.

Not a movie with a traditional plot line, but really interesting nonetheless. I swear the white girl in the movie is based on my friend Tiffany. They really got the "white girl" stereotype right. I'm really wondering if the "black hey circle" is a thing. It was so funny though. Worth the watch. The wife was so beautiful. I loved the rawness, tattoos weren't removed. Goofiness was honest. I wish more movies were like this in the way that it was authentic. The movie was so positive and I enjoyed it. I wish churches would attack this issue by watching this movie. The main guys's character was witty and the main girl was a great actress for the part.

Reviewed by hossus 10 / 10 / 10

Warmth and Humor with a Modern Message

There have been wonderful faith-based movies made by African-American producers like Tyler Perry, T.D. Jakes and others. However "Love Different" is a body of work by Producer/Director Anthony Hackett which defies a label and even a category. It is so woven with continuously flowing themes of humor, love, faith and human interaction that 94 minutes go by without you noticing. "Love Different" tells the tale of a young Iowa born and bred woman (expertly portrayed by Christian actress Jenn Gotzon as Lindsay Walker) who accepts a job at an all-black consulting firm in Maryland. Right off the bat, we know where this is heading. The humor and cultural clash immediately become evident, fueled by some excellent writing by Anthony Hackett and his team. The head of the consulting firm, the affable Mr. Chamberlain, assigns his best consultant – JonNeque (Neque) Campbell to come alongside Lindsay Walker in order to give her a two day crash course in "Black Culture" after discerning that his new consultant may be unable to relate to her prospective new clientele. The humorous crash course in the culture fall under the rubric of "don't try this at home, folks". However, while this is going on, a few subplots develop. One subplot involves Neque's equally professional wife, a regular church-going woman, who is beginning to feel neglected. The second subplot revolves around the Jenn Gotzon character (Lindsay) and her parenting skills with her teenage son. Both main characters in this warm, humanity-enhancing film are individually competent in their careers, but are also works in progress – needing to "love differently". Neque is in need of understanding his wife's "love language" – attention. Lindsay's need at this time is to be firmer in a phase of discipline with her rebellious but really obedient son, with tough love. The premise Anthony Hackett used to underscore the title of his movie is the actual project on which he and Jenn Gotzon (Lindsay) are supposed to be working. It revolves around a public relations campaign for a youth outreach program, of a traditional church. Like many of the churches in any city's older neighborhoods in America, this church had lost most of its youth and sought out this consulting agency to handle its outreach optics. If this movie can spark renewal and a reflective look at our human interaction, in a personal, social, work and community level, it would be a beautiful statement.

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