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Alison Araya as Detective Reynolds
Antonio Cupo as Marco
Ellie Harvie as Nicole / Lynne
Matreya Fedor as Willa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donwc1996 10 / 10 / 10

Wonderful Love Story

This film has the two essential ingredients for success: gorgeous leads and a gripping story. From the moment the movie started, I was hooked, not only by the smashing good looks of the two leads, Laura Leighton and Antonio Cupo, but a story that is timeless, two people thrown together in a situation that neither of them is prepared to cope with. I have long been a fan of Laura Leighton, ever since her Melrose Place days, and I watch her in everything she does. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she is so intelligent and her brains show through which only enhances her beauty. Her co-star, Antonio Cupo, a newcomer for me - I had to look him up on Google to learn that he is a top star in Italy, where his family is from, having migrated to Canada in 1968, so apparently he is fluent in several languages - was the perfect foil for Laura in every way, indeed, they were such a perfect match that it was impossible not to be drawn into the story which had many twists and turns, my favorite kind of story.

Reviewed by caa821 10 / 10 / 10

Delightful film

I wasn't familiar with either of the two leads in this film, and after seeing the brief description in the local guide, thought I might watch it for all of, say, five minutes. However, I found it to be a straightforward story, presented in a realistic fashion, with two wholly-engaging leads, who were likable as well as believable. It is refreshing to see a story - whether on film or stage - presented without a trace of exaggeration or forced drama, which still holds one's interest, and a feeling for the characters. This movie, in my opinion, achieved that - far better than most big-screen and big-budget presentations with a bevy of "A" list Hollywood superstars. I believe what most of us want is to be entertained and to view a story with characters whom we we like. Although some performances and story lines are designed to have a hard edge, tragedy, and where the cast are supposed to be less than likable -- it is always a plus to see those where we can feel good after viewing. This one provides all you could ask from a well-designed and well-acted film. While "Lifetime's" are largely average, and sometimes well-below, this one is a commendable, "A-class" effort.

Reviewed by creistyt 10 / 10 / 10

If adoption is part of your life, you'll love this movie

I started watching this movie because adoption was listed in the slight preview. I lost a child to adoption, thus HAD to watch this to see the outcome. I'm not sure the writing was all that good, nor the fake pregnancy get-up that believable, but the actors were convincing enough to keep me sucked in to the story line. In fact, they had me holding my breath right up until the end of the show. Being a mother who is reunited with the child she lost to adoption, the fact that the father (Antonio Cupo) in this story happens to be an adoptee, made this story even more compelling and actually believable. His eventual reaction to and dialogue concerning the possibility of his child being adopted by strangers, was very realistic. The circumstances of my son's beginnings were not all that different than those in this movie, only I didn't have the resources to track down his father and give him time to reconsider before the powers that be...adoption social workers, portrayed quite accurately in this movie...moved in for the kill, unlike this the outcome in this movie. Honestly, with what seems to be Hollywood's love of adoption in the lives of aging stars, this story and its extremely happy outcome for the parents and the baby is beyond refreshing. It makes me not care in the least about the believability of the minor details or even of the likelihood that this story could be true. It's the kind of story I wanted to be true decades ago, and truly enjoyed imagining was true while watching 'Love Notes'. Thus, I highly recommend it.

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