Love Sarah


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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September 10, 2020


Bill Paterson as Mandelbaum
Celia Imrie as Mimi
Rupert Penry-Jones as Young Ray
Shelley Conn as Isabella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beingmaggie 1 / 10 / 10

couldnt wait to leave cinema

Had to watch as took mum in law, but if i was on my own or partner i would of been outta there so fast. after 10 min I thought what is making this so awful and came to the conclusion a big part was the direction someone didnt have a clue what they were doing certainly didnt know how to direct the talent. long pauses ,slow, rubbish mills and boon script . so much wrong with this really the brits need to take a hard long look at what they are doing. I have decided I wont be going to another lame,corny british film I can stream top quality european movies why on earth would i watch british tat

Reviewed by tm-sheehan 5 / 10 / 10

The cakes and pastries had more substance than the script

I like to start with the positives about a film I review after all 6/10 is an average to good score from me . I'll begin with the delicious cakes and pastries that feature in the film and are provided by the bestselling food writer and restaurateur author and chef Yotam Ottolenghi especially the Matcha Mille crepe cake used in the plot. I was amazed to read this very light weight script that took 3 people to write Eliza Schroeder (also director ) a mistake in my opinion as this is her first major film .Other writers were Mahalia Rimmer, and Jake Brunger who also wrote the screenplay. The film is about a young woman who enlists the help of her mother's best friend and her eccentric estranged grandmother to fulfil her late mother's dream of opening a bakery in Notting Hill. It is now shooting in London. The Director Elizabeth Schroeder said in an interview about the film "Having lost my mother whilst developing the film, my perspective on the outcome and the story I wanted to tell changed. Creating a story that was uplifting and touching whilst dealing with loss in my life became very important to me." and the film is dedicated to her late mother which is fitting. Luckily for Love Sarah, its cast abounds in talent and their chemistry is enjoyable to watch and easy to root for. The kind of feel good family drama Love Sarah wants to be is somewhere in this film, but hidden under layers of unnecessary character backstory and too many plot threads. Celia Imrie as Mimi is delightful as the bittersweet Grandmother and the Supporting cast of Rupert Penry -Jones as Matthew in a relaxed romantic role of not much substance is also good. I also enjoyed Shelley Conn as Isabella and Shannon Tarbet as Clarissa the granddaughter. I was only talking about mediocre script writing recently and this film would fit in that category like a beautifully decorated that when tasted sometimes disappoints when tasted " Love Sarah " to my taste is just average.

Reviewed by jamesmoule 5 / 10 / 10

Guaranteed not to offend

This is a "lovely" movie. Everyone is "nice". It is like the wonderful confections that are the centre of the story. I don't need to warn of spoilers in this review because there is nothing in the "plot" to give away. From the first ten minutes, the viewer can guess what is going to happen in the following hour, expecting a twist that never comes. This is so politically correct and sweet that it is frightening. Is this where movies are headed? Are we going to have (female) directors who have nothing to say and say it with a smile? There is no edge to this story. My 5 stars goes entirely to the actors. As expected, Celia Imrie, Shelley Conn, Bill Paterson and Penry-Jones give thoroughly professional performances, almost as though someone is paying them. I can't imagine that any of them did this with a view to achieving social justice or changing the political landscape. " ..... and they all lived happily ever after."

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