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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kiowhatta 3 / 10 / 10

Yet another revisionist, piece of PC

I could hardly be bothered dignifying this movie with a review except to say that it is yet another piece of misandrist propaganda that attempts to have us believe that Women are simply victims of evil, manipulating men, who are one-dimensional brutes. Nowhere will you find a REAL film that truly represents the power dynamic that exists in gender relationships - The truth that women, if they choose, can ruin and/or hurt a mans life by many means. Violence is only one way of inflicting pain upon another person. And the Straw feminists have infiltrated the mainstream media and domestic violence industry to spread their message that all men are dangerous thugs, who have no right to express anger, protect themselves against the myriad of ways women can besmirch a mans name.They have the gall to lay down how a man should behave even if he's been humiliating, or even worse, attacked. This movie deliberately portrays Lovelace as a naive, innocent, girl who just wants to express herself, yet she is supposedly so doe-eyed, so wholesome and virtuous that she is totally taken advantage of by those around her, so tainted by rose coloured glasses that she didn't realise what was happening? The truth is the sex industry exploits both MEN AND WOMEN, Women prey on lonely men who are to frightened to approach a woman they are interested in, because 9 times out of ten they get abused and shamed, as if saying hello and introducing yourself to a woman were a crime. They take advantage of a mans need for social contact and female connection. On the other hand women are sometimes forced into 'working' in the sex industry against their will, but often of their own free will. This film does the real dynamic between men and women a huge disservice once again by portraying women as harmless little flowers and men as psychopathic brutes. The writers, editors etc, should be shamed of themselves for copping out to populist gender stereotypes. Those who know the real history of LL know that she changed her story, changed her excuses and blamed those responsible. There were more incantations of Linda than there were days in the month. Enjoy your revised dumbed down movie. Victim Feminists will see this as historical fact not lazy by the numbers movie making.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 7 / 10 / 10

An average documentary/biography

As a young girl, Linda meets Chuck, a charming and gentle man, with whom she moves in and eventually marries. Her life seemed great but it all suddenly changes, as she is forced to work in the pornographic industry, forced to be a prostitute and suffer great physical abuse by the man who was supposed to give her everything. She faces a true ordeal but she's determined to get a true, normal life, eventually. This movie presents the most important events Linda Lovelace had lived in her "adventure" with Chuck and some that follow after it. Although I've never heard of her in real life, and thus I didn't know her story, this movie was very predictable most of the time, leaving much too little to the unexpected. It was also quite boring at some times, the overall sensation being not very pleasant. As a biography, it presented, with enough detail, the known events of Linda's life, but those weren't enough to create a great movie. It feels like a documentary, a bad one sometimes, not being able to send enough emotion towards the female protagonist, even when she was in deep pain. It's good if you want a graphic representation of Linda Lovelace's life and career, but as a movie, it's a bit of a letdown, for me at least, although I enjoyed Amanda's performance.

Reviewed by longcooljolie 7 / 10 / 10

Worthwhile, but they "Lifetimed-up" the Lovelace saga

This movie caught my eye while I was searching Netflix for something interesting to watch on a Saturday night. People who have never seen one second of a porno movie know the name Linda Lovelace. Before watching this movie I'd never seen "Deep Throat" (still haven't) and yet even though I didn't really know what the real Linda actually looked like, when I recognized Amanda Seyfried as the lead/title actress, I went huh? As so many other reviewers have stated, Amanda is way too pretty and innocent looking for the role. For this reason, possibly the story focuses more on the emotional aspects of the trauma Linda Lovelace faced through her relationship with Chuck Traynor and dealing with the realities of becoming so famous for something as dubious as appearing in "Deep Throat." Had they used a different actress with harder edges, like Lindsay Lohan, the movie may have veered toward the grittier aspects of the 70s porn industry, but with Amanda Seyfried in the role the producers managed to make even a scene showing the filming of one of the "Deep Throat" scenes seem sanitized, in other words, "Lifetimed- up." Sharon Stone appears, unrecognize-ably as a brunette in the role of Linda's mother. Some of the movies best scenes occur between the mother and daughter, before and after her life-changing career choice. Hank Azaria also stands out as one of the producers of Linda Lovelace's most famous movie as he projects the right amount of tacky, '70s style smarmy charm. In the hands of a different director, like Quentin Tarantino, this would have been a way-different movie and would have had an NC-17 rating and would have showcased at least one scene of Linda Lovelace showing her signature talent. As it is, "Lovelace" is a movie that's almost tame enough to be shown on broadcast television. It still manages to be interesting though.

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