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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10 / 10

bad LeBlanc sitcom

Charlie Darby (Matt LeBlanc) is an elementary school principal with a troubled romantic history. His best friend Jason Kerwick (Adam Rodriguez) has a perfect family. He decides to only date women he doesn't care about. He meets fellow heartbroken Molly Kingston (Ali Larter) who has a nephew at his school. She seems perfect but he starts going down the wrong jealousy path. The story is a bad misunderstanding sitcom which is the last thing that Matt LeBlanc should aim for. The filming is lackluster sunshine which only accentuates its bright superficiality. LeBlanc and Larter are a beautiful couple with good charisma. If left to themselves, they could have built a functional rom-com. This has an unfunny hollowness that overwhelms the movie.

Reviewed by davidrefaeli 4 / 10 / 10

A brilliantly made therapeutic movie for anyone who was ever lovesick

I watched this movie a year ago on a train in Spain. It started like a nice goofy comedy, but I slowly started to feel unease. I eventually realized that this movie touches on some very deep emotional nerves. Anyone who was ever "lovesick", anyone who was ever passionately in love, crazy in love - anyone who loved and lost, who experienced the fears that accompany love - would immediately feel connected. And would immediately feel unease by this film. It beautifully and brilliantly shows how love can drive us crazy with fear. You helplessly watch as the main character destroy his happiness, succumbing to irrational fears and paranoia's. It's hard to watch, it makes you think. And something happen then - it transforms you. It opens your eyes. Even if you are not as "lovesick" as the main character, you are to some degree like that. Everyone are like that or have the potential to be like that. Yesterday I watched it again with a friend. She had to stop several times because it was too hard - she was beginning to be so emotional - reflecting on her past relationships. It was clear: She too has been transformed by it. This is why I think this is by far the most therapeutic movie I have ever seen (and I've been around the block). I can't really put my finger on it. The acting it OK, the story is OK - it's all "nice" but not amazing. And yet - it's so powerful. It's so well done. The fact that I can't even really explain why - is what makes this film brilliant, and whoever made it - a genius! But then I come to IMDb and see this movie gets really low score. So maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just us, lovesick people, who can really relate to this movie. And the rest of humanity just sees it like another goofy mediocre comedy. Who knows. For me it's a 10/10.

Reviewed by jazz-14 4 / 10 / 10


Loved Ali, loved Matt, the other cast is fine. If you're fans of theirs you'll wish they had chosen a better project. A fairly obvious Rom-Com with by the numbers twists and plot points. Not bad, but not all that good. She would have dumped him on strike three, and if she didn't he'd have to wonder why she stayed, then dump her. Larter plays a smart young woman trying to improve herself, LeBlanc plays a smart guy that has has improved himself and has a thing for her. Unfortunately he also has poor impulse control with respect to romantic situations. He goes doofus around women he fancies. I can see how that should have been a fun story, but he ends up being just shy of creepy. I had trouble buying it after the first few laughs. So romantic yes, comedic yes, but overall lackluster.

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