Loving Leah


Drama / Romance

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Lauren Ambrose as Leah Lever
Natalie Knepp as Female Guard
Natasha Lyonne as Jenna the Working Girl
Timothée Chalamet as Young Jake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alycia378 9 / 10 / 10

wow modesty!

The story line wasn't full of any big surprises but the overall cleanness left my husband and me grinning for the rest of the evening. I Loved the fashionable modesty in this film..... even the non religious characters were dressed more modestly than the average cast. Except for Jake's topless moment there wasn't a lot of skin! I will recommend it to my friends who are picky about this sort of thing Leah's choices for head coverings after she let go of her wig are inspiring for any woman who is thinking of adding this to her way of life. I usually cover my head in public and I was truly blessed to see a film whose leading lady covered head and herself yet remained well groomed and didn't lean too far to the frump. Also, the biblical reference to Jacob and Leahs loveless marriage was fantastic. I doubt most viewers picked up on it but there it's there and that little triumph made it an even sweeter tale. Even my super manly husband said this is one we will enjoy again and again.

Reviewed by Xjayhawker 10 / 10 / 10

Sometimes it's no one's fault when life takes a left turn.

First, I would like to thank Hallmark for putting on this movie because in doing so they took a chance that people could actually relate..and not be afraid to throw in a story with a religious element..the old adage is never talk about politics or religion. While it is true that we delve into some fundamental issues of the Jewish faith, this is first and foremost a story of friendship offered and love found. One review called this a romantic comedy..others found faults here and there but there will always be those that look for some shortcomings. I see this as a tender story of two people discovering that they have much to offer each other after Jake's brother dies leaving a widow. She has her ways steeped in tradition and Jake has his ways..not being home much and a girlfriend and working long hours at the hospital..did I mention that his girlfriend initially encouraged Jake (Adam Kaufman) to befriend the young widow (Lauren Ambrose)?After all, she's family. The first days and weeks thrown together as "roommates" are played in such a realistic and touching way, you are drawn into "their" story..and it is theirs and the memory of his dead brother..and mothers wanting what's right for their kids..this is a sweet, innocent and tender. Telling of simple love..there's no comedy here..but the facial expressions and the eyes say this is really some fine acting..I waited for this to come on and was not disappointed. And neither will you.It's that good.

Reviewed by michaelyisrael 10 / 10 / 10

Loving Leah

I was a religious Jew once or I pretended to be, and I did crazy things like Leah do in the film. That's perhaps the reason why I identify with the movie a lot. I love the way how tradition and religion is illustrated and introduced to people unaware of Judaism. I definitely believe the writer went through a very profound research to gather the story well. Yibbum and Halitzah is mentioned in the Torah (Deuteronomy 25:5-10) and truly is no longer practiced, but the Halitzah ceremony until now exist; Like the Pidyon haben (redemption of the first born son) and many other symbolic ceremonies that are part of the Jewish culture, religion and tradition. I am glad the movie is around for all of the reason above, I loved it so much that I expended one week every night watching it.

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