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Naomi Watts as Additional Voices
Octavia Spencer as Harriet Wilson
Tim Roth as Sutter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erossjr56 9 / 10 / 10

Oscar worthy multi-layered gem!! One of years best!

Naomi and Octavia merit Oscar nominations and great performances by newcomer Kelvin Johnson and Tim Roth. Very complex multi-layered drama crossing family, racial and gender stereotyping as well as a layer of teacher-student relationship set in challenging timeframe of adolescence. Great script and acting.

Reviewed by blubeagle55 10 / 10 / 10

Thought Provoking or Just Outright Annoying?

I love a good thriller. I love stories of wounded psyches and messed up minds, but this is a muddled mess. How is it that NO adult was able to reign in this kid? The parents--The father did try to reel him in, and the teacher too, but how is it that grown adults let a kid run roughshod over them? I don't get it. The only one who really gave a damn, lost everything! I hated this. What I will say is that the performances were en pointe (on point) and the most brilliant performance was the kid who played Luce, and the young lady who played his girlfriend. That, the girlfriend, was a brilliant performance. If you have a knack for spotting plot holes, this has plenty. It's a visceral emotional experience. You WILL have an opinion on its contents and characters.

Reviewed by grahamedmonds-12461 10 / 10 / 10

Appearances can be deceiving....

The film never really gives us the answers we crave, but rather serves up thought-provoking questions about perspective and the lies we tell ourselves and others in order to make sense of our circumstances. Walk in with an open mind, and prepare to expand your point of view. Kelvin Harrison Jr. KILLS it as well.

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