Lucky Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ceegee78 1 / 10 / 10

Couldn't even finish watching it!

I am not usually too picky when it comes to cheesy holiday movies, and it takes a lot for me to not finish any show or movie once I have started watching it. However, I was so annoyed by the stupidity of the characters that I turned it off less than halfway through the movie. A Christmas movie should put you in the holiday spirit. Not this one. Instead of settling in to enjoy a festive movie, I became more and more irritated. The plot was convoluted and predictable. While I have no complaints about the majority of the actors and their performances, I could not stand to look at the leading man's buddy for one more minute. He was repulsive in character and so unappealing in appearance that it was hard to believe anyone would be his friend or go along with anything he wanted to do. I could not stand looking at him for another minute. If ignorance doesn't get under your skin, maybe you will enjoy it, but otherwise, avoid this movie at all costs!

Reviewed by LateScribe 6 / 10 / 10

Clichés put together without caring about consistency

Lucky Christmas has a few issues at its core, and they have nothing to do with the fact that the bachelor who is thrown in the single mom's life is handsome or that boy kisses girl right before the end credits. This is a holiday TV movie and I believe a fair share of the viewing public understands the requirements of the genre. What we don't (or should not) tolerate is a sloppy and irritating ride to the big kiss. Lucky Christmas is the story of a single mom (Elizabeth Berkley) who wins the lottery but gets her car (in which she left the ticket) stolen by the first major problem of the movie: the handsome bachelor's friend. That character has nothing to do in the movie and the more we see how handsome is developed, the less we understand the friendship which looks more like a plot device. The second issue is handsome himself. There is something unsettling about his dreams and aspirations (as well as the kind of personality that would be associated with them) when seen within the context of his family. None of that seems to mesh well together. Not to mention who he hangs out with and how he chooses to deliver the ticket. We are well familiar with irritating romantic comedy ploys, so the ticket wandering around, in and out the house, is not surprising, but mailing it? Really? The movie seemed to be too determined to mess things up, creating a very inconsistent male lead character in the process. The last issue, and the most damning, is how the single mom (who is despite that the most appealing of the bunch) ties forgiveness to finding the ticket and then professes that she doesn't really care about the money. There's something wrong in there somewhere, which makes the character appear more materialistic than she should have for the story to work.

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10 / 10

Well, I wasn't expecting Rene Clair, but...

About ten minutes into this Hallmark Christmas movie, I was thinking that this was going to a variation on Rene Clair's 1931 movie, LE MILLION, in which a poor man in a Paris tenement wins the big lottery -- and loses the ticket. Alas, despite some good acting, particularly from Jason Gray-Stanford, best known for his role as the klutzy police detective in the MONK TV series and good work by Elizabeth Berkley as the chef who could really use the million-dollar lottery ticket, this is a rather straightforward story without much in the way of jokes .... a comedy if not a farce. In addition, the problems that hang over the movie for almost its entire length serve not to make it suspenseful -- will he figure out how to get that ticket back to her without blowing his chances? -- but mildly depressing. Still, the story is a good one, the actors are very good and if the direction makes me think that the point is the money, rather than the people.... well, maybe it is.

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