Lust for Love


Comedy / Romance

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September 11, 2020



Beau Garrett as Mila
Caitlin Stasey as Trinity / Divinity
Enver Gjokaj as Jake
Fran Kranz as Buck Noble
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tibet10-1 10 / 10 / 10

Congratulations - Great Movie !

I have to be careful what I say here because I know Anton King and Dichen Lachman too well. Dichen is our daughter and we have watched this production develop over the last few years. When one is an observer - and offers advice and criticism - whether it be football, baseball or a movie - it is just too easy. We sit back, watch the show and every small blemish and fumble is noticed. However I give the whole crew 10 out of 10 for this production. Tonight my wife and I had the opportunity to sit back and watch the movie by ourselves. Normally I prefer slow plodding movies like "Lincoln" and "The Thin Red Line". I do not normally watch love comedies. However I did enjoy this movie and not just because our daughter was in it. Fran Kranz and Beau Garrett did an outstanding job. Caitlin Stasey and Enver Gjokaj are also fantastic. I enjoyed this movie and it is well worth seeing. The cast and crew deserve a medal. In particular Anton King and Dichen Lachman for pulling it off. No one who has not been involved in making a movie will have any idea just how difficult it is. There are many people who made this production possible and they came up with money because they believed in the project. Anton and Dichen are both Aussies they went to Hollywood and made their movie. Good job ! Lastly I have to say - viva Alessandro Ongaro of Luna Pictures Entertainment. You also did a great service to this picture.

Reviewed by cutegirlbutts 6 / 10 / 10

Didn't really deserve to be made

I don't agree with why this film exists really. It was crowd sourced with the draw to internet users by having half of the DOLLHOUSE cast in it. The target audience of 'people who don't care at all what these actors are in but are just happy to see them on their screens' seem pretty happy with the finished product, but I don't really. It's a completely clichéd story of some nerdish guy who doesn't think he can really talk to girls trying to win his ex back and finding love in other places along the way. The actors all have this great likable quality that makes them fun to watch and they really do their best with the bland characters they have to work with. This film isn't half as likable as it thinks it is, it's pretty bland and formulaic. You'll have fun seeing these actors and you'll like them but not really the characters. Pretty much a waste of time.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10 / 10

rom-com indie a little muddled

Astor (Fran Kranz) has a crush on Mila (Beau Garrett) since the age of four. After one drunken night, she starts going out with him. His clingy obsessive romantic ways irk her. After breaking up, he seeks the help of her former friend Cali (Dichen Lachman). This indie has some intriguing actors, several of them gorgeous women. There are probably a few too many beautiful women. Fran Kranz is a good nerdy lead. Dichen Lachman doesn't really project sexual chemistry with him. The addition of Caitlin Stasey muddles the romantic chemistry unnecessarily. Beau Garrett has a great climatic scene and makes a compelling point. In the end, this indie has a surprisingly good cast and the muddled rom-com does have a point of view. The dialog is a little clunky romanticism at times. It's a close call which gets a pass due to its appealing actors.

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