Luv Ka the End


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by himdesai 4 / 10 / 10

I will definitely not have Luv ka the end!

The first film by youth dept. of Yashraj film "yfilms" is in a way youthful.But the film is a half baked attempt at anti-romantic comedy. The film has a clear plot in the story. But again, it is not unique. It is an adaption from "John Tucker Must Die" but the film is never so fresh or so funny like the original. This is the directorial debut of the Roadies director "Bumpy". But sadly, he has not that spark to create an interesting movie as he did in the case of Roadies. Movie at times looks like some American weekly soap being telecast irrespective of its poor humor quotient and much needed style statement in a youth film. Shraddha Kapoor again fits into her shoes after Teen Patti.But yet she has a long way to go. Taha Shaah and rests are okay.Shehnaz Treasurywala is good. Editing is poor. Cinematography is okay.Not much to talk about these aspects. Music is good and peppy. Background score is okay.The Mutton song is unconventionally funny. If you like some High School Musical kind of series or some American daily soap trying to be cool or funny, you will love this. But overall the movie is strictly a one time watch for rom-com lovers and an avoidable stuff for the rest.

Reviewed by ashdoc53 3 / 10 / 10

bad chick flick

This movie is about a vestal virgin who is so much in love with her boyfriend that she is ready to lose her virginity to him--but at the last moment ( before anything happens ) is brought to her senses by friends , who prove to her that to her boyfriend , she is just his latest conquest , and he has no plans to marry her . And all of a sudden , this shy girl turns into an avenging woman hell- bent on punishing the bad guy !! The plans to take revenge are corny and unrealistic, to say the least , including drugging the guy and making him dance an item number wearing ghagra choli !! Once the girl goes into revenge mode , the movie goes all hyper--too much happens too fast .Some women may like a girl taking revenge on a bang-bang-thank-you-ma'm type of guy . But at least I didn't like it......

Reviewed by pkt_kumar511 3 / 10 / 10

waiting for "THE END" ugh

i was so exited about this movie when I saw the casting song in trailers. But i dint know that my happiness will last just for 5 minutes. Such movies should be banned in between its making only. Firstly they copy the foreign stuff, then they add the Indian spices into it (which i am dead sure of that Indians are also are fed up of), then they add some disastrous and not at all required songs to add fuel to the fire. This movie was completely avoidable. its just because of summers that i needed an ac room to hang out with my friends so influenced by the casting song we went but that wish also left incomplete because the movie was too noisy and bubbly to digest. AVOID it completely. watching this movie is like your ex girlfriend sitting beside your ears for more than 2 hours,chewing strawberry bubble gums and shouting about the mistakes you did. Sadly you will conclude, none of them was bigger than WATCHING THIS CRAP.

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