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Andrea Riseborough as Period Film Lover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atractiveeyes 6 / 10 / 10


It's good but missing something. The cinematography is nice with many amazing sceneries that show the city's beauty and archeology. It gives beautiful vibes about traveling and tourism and puts you in the protagonist's shoes. But the script is kind of weak, conversations could've been more interesting and the story is intense but missing some depth. Luxor is all in all a good movie but doesn't have much to offer.

Reviewed by mformoviesandmore 5 / 10 / 10

Some nice pictures taken around Luxor

The only real thing in the movie is the 'natural' beauty of Luxor and the remains of the ancient Egyptian empires. The woman who is the lead is a vacuous performers playing a vacuous character. Worth fast forwarding through to see the locations.

Reviewed by alindsay-al 5 / 10 / 10

An Average Slow Film

So the second film of this years London Sundance Film Festival is Luxor and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a British Aid Worker return to Egypt where she spent plenty of time, she tries to get past her dark past by meeting an old lover. Main Character Andrea Riseborough is a good actress and she plays the lead here and she does a good job. It is a pretty physical performance that she is a woman of few words and uses her body language to emote how she is feeling. Though there are a few great scenes where you see the emotion poor out of her and it really makes you care about her as a person. Supporting Characters As I mentioned there is a love interest here and I didn't really care for him as a character, I just felt there wasn't much chemistry between him and Riseborough which did hurt their story arc, mainly because the film doesn't give you much reason to care about him. I mean there are a few other people in the film but they are given no time or depth to work with so really this is a one woman show. Story The story is a slow burn, it does a good job of showing this woman in turmoil internally and seeing how she copes with the horror of the world is interesting and is risen up because of the quality of the lead performance. But I must be honest not a lot happens here, the film just doesn't really have much going on and it really can be quite tedious at times which hurts the overall story. Script The script has some okay moments in it, there are some real dramatic scenes here that are elevated by Risebourough's great performance here. But this script doesn't do anything to really stand out, in fact there isn't actually that much dialogue at times which makes this film feel longer then it is. Style The film looks very nice, it shows the scenery very well and the fact that the film takes place in Egypt gives this film a really nice background for the film. But this film is just incredibly slow and just a bit boring, it is less then 90 minutes but honestly feels at least 2 hours if not longer. Overall Overall, I found this to be a very average film. I imagine if you dislike mainstream cinema and big action films then maybe you will like this but I would say it isn't worth the time.

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