LX 2048


Drama / Sci-Fi

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September 26, 2020



Delroy Lindo as Donald Stein
Gina McKee as Julia
James D'Arcy as Richard Powell
Juliet Aubrey as Dr. Maple
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shathar-31918 2 / 10 / 10


Haha 7.6? C'mon. Move over Neil Breen! So bad, it's good.

Reviewed by clivejamesrd 7 / 10 / 10

I would have given more stars. . . .

. . . if this movie had a "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded" seal. But since this guarantee was overlooked, than a sincere one star is all I can swing. The current 7.3 stars are all friends and relatives of the people that made the movie It wan't so much because they wanted to show their support but because they thought it would be a lark. Give it a miss and you'll never regret it.

Reviewed by edmoy 7 / 10 / 10

Last 30 minutes was more fun than the first hour

The movie has elements of the dystopian novel Brave New World, but instead of taking Soma in this futuristic drugged up society everyone takes Lithium X and spends their days interacting in a VR world called the "Realm" where we meet Adam Bird played by James D'Arcy (he was Jarvis the driver for Howard Stark in Avengers End Game) who is living a depressing life working for a VR company in a toxic world where nobody goes outside in the daytime unless they wanted to get fried by the deadly sun. Adam seems disconnected from his wife and three boys who spend all their time in the VR Realm. To ease his loneliness, Adam falls in love with his Avatar Lover Maria, who he gets off banging thru use of a sex doll linked to the VR Realm. The setup takes up the whole first hour which is a slow boring talkfest. I personally like my sci-fi dystopian movies to quickly drop us into its world with stark visuals ala Blade Runner. However, due to its low budget constraints this film relied heavily of dialogue as we are introduced to Adam's therapist and his doctor, who informs him he's dying from a heart problem. Later we find out about "the father of human cloning," Delroy Lindo's Donald Stein who Adam tries to contact leading to Stein coming to find Adam. Lindo as Stein brings energy to the story, helping to pick up its pace as the twists and turns begin to unfurl in the final half-hour. The idea and concept for this movie intrigued me but I expected more from it than the dull first hour. However once it got going the last 30 minutes was somewhat fun and entertaining with several clones, a mildly funny unexpected death, a VR assassination, and a soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet. As low budget movies go you could do worse. For what it's worth, it's mildly entertaining and visually okay to look at but never fleshes out its Dystopian Future to a degree that I would say this is a must watch.

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