Mad Genius

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Levy Tran as Nicola
Spencer Locke as Sawyer
Tehmina Sunny as Angel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aptpupil-14674 2 / 10 / 10

Just give a pass this one

Why so many 10/10 reviews. The plot, if it has one is meh. I was confused through out till the end.

Reviewed by BatmanFunReviews 3 / 10 / 10

Damn this was Awful..

A young mad genius attempts to 'hack the human mind' in order to fix humanity. Despite Faran Tahir's attemps on saving this junk called 'Midhack: #SavetheWold' or also known as 'Mad Genius' the movie just falls apart from the very get go, Spencer Lock (Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: After Life) was also in the film for a few scenes but you even forget that she's in it? Faran Tahir has a few scenes but as i said even he can't save this horrible mess and both the acting and the script were what you should expect from any kind of film of this level and as for the plot itself? It was stupid and it's even more stupider when one of the characters try to even make it sound smart. (0/10)

Reviewed by jackmeat 3 / 10 / 10

Use caution on other reviews, Bad movie.

My quick rating - 3,4/10. I have to save people from reading obvious "fake" reviews on IMDB. This movie attempts to try and fool you, and if you don't think for a minute in this movie, you will be fooled. Into being entertained that is. In an attempt to be weird, just for the sake of being weird, the movie is a complete mess. Unfortunately the plot itself doesn't lend a hand to the sub par actors and give them something to work with. Without giving anything away, a guy wants to "hack" (using that term very loosely) the human mind to save the world. In doing so, with the electronics you most likely dropped off last time you recycled electronics, he finds himself and his best friend (oh, big plot point, does he exist?) trying to solve this plan, again, hacking your mind. Now since this movie doesn't rely on any theory, science, computer knowledge, etc. you just have to assume he is doing something. But of course, the bad guy (no plural, budget couldn't afford that) wants to stop him. Then again, is there a bad guy. If you are going to make a movie that relies on wondering these things, please write in some part of it to explain. It isn't that this movie is confusing, it is just so poorly done and trying to rip off by far better versions of the "all in your mind" idea, that this just falls so flat. I am unsure the makers of this movie were even sure which way they were going with this. Do yourself a favor, and don't bother with this one, you'll end up just being "Mad" P.S. If you worked on this movie, good for you, but don't jump on here and write BS reviews praising this as the new coming of Fight Club, etc. It makes you look dumb, and not everyone can see through the nonsense reviews so quickly. I knew it was coming after the first 10/10, but after seeing a few back to back, I figured the crew sat in the same room and passed the laptop around in a circle to get them done.

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