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Famke Janssen as Valerie Kanon
Jon Favreau as Self - Chief Speechwriter
Sam Rockwell as Victor Mancini
Vince Vaughn as Principal Carlsen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VoodooVince 3 / 10 / 10

Like a 90 minute alarm clock in your ear

Aaaaaghhhhhh! Never in my life have I watched a film with a character so teeth nashingly annoying as Vince Vaughn's in this. I'm not sure what Favreau had in mind when he penned the screenplay but surely the most brain penetrating moron in film history was not his plan. It's a shame really as Favreau's screenplay has some laughs and his performance is nicely understated. The film is also wonderfully shot by super DP Christopher Doyle. There are other problems besides the intolerable Ricky Slade however. The film doesn't seem to move forward in any way and ultimately becomes a series of vignettes starring two bickering adults. There doesn't seem to be a clear narrative. So, some potential here washed down the plughole by a stumbling pace and the most idiotic creation to ever appear on screen. This film must be doing wonders for pharmaceutical companies punting headache pills so at least somebody gained from it. It sure wasn't me. Niz

Reviewed by Duderinoman 6 / 10 / 10

The New-Age Odd Couple

This is a much darker comedy than the breakthrough hit, "Swingers", to compare the two would be useless. The dialogue and chemistry between Favreau and Vaughn, though, is still at it's comedic best. Since Favs was directing this flick, he let Vince go all out on his character Ricky. The two longtime friends go to New York to do a mob job with little experience on how to do any kind of job. They, needless to say, get themselves into quite a bit of trouble along the way. The entire movie itself is hilarious, there is quite a bit of profanity and a strip scene at the beginning, but if you can handle that, you should enjoy yourself thoroughly. If it were up to me, Vaughn and Favreau would make a movie together once every other year. The chemistry is so money, baby.

Reviewed by SP-10 6 / 10 / 10

Some laughs but a very average flick.

I tried not to have many pre-conceived notions about 'Made' before renting it. Then again, having Favreau/Vaughn together again will always conjure up thoughts of T & Mikey. Swingers may well haunt Favreau for the rest of his career. He alluded to that with his guest shot on 'The Sopranos'. It was a special movie, an instant classic which would be hard to top for any writer. 'Made' certainly tries to follow suit with the writing style but it falls flat. Vaughn (Ricky) plays a character who talks exactly like Trent but is more of a lunatic loser who's dream is to give up boxing to be a mob guy. Favreau (Bobby) is the level-headed friend who vouches for him while getting an assignment from his boss (Falk). All he wants is to get some $ so he can make better life for his stripper girlfriend & her child. Basically from there it splinters off into Ricky & Bobby trying to take care of 'the drop' in NYC for the boss (Falk). Ricky's "Goodfellas-like" mentality is causing headaches for Bobby who just wants to take care of business. I thought Sean Combs did a fine job playing himself essentially (a ganster living the high life). Yes, there are some funny lines but overall the movie is just too sloppy. It feels like a low budget flick, the camera work is not very good and the film takes no risks. Characters were not developed & the ending tries to be all sweet but I don't think enough was done to set that up. There were just too many missing ingredients. If Vaughn & Favreau want to do future films together maybe bring Doug Liman into direct it. He did a marvelous job with Swingers and maybe they could recapture some magic. It sure was missing in 'Made'. Rating 6/10

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