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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mksandhu52 7 / 10 / 10

A fun film to watch!

I think Chandi Chowk to China is a great film and it is fun to watch. I don't understand why most people don't like it but for me, the film was great! Akshay Kumar is just funny as hell in this film, playing his character Sidhu is just lol. I think he acted very well. Deepika Padukone is lovely as ever! Playing a double role again (First being (Om Shanti Om) she was great. I liked her character Meow Meow, i think that it is a cool name and a very cool character. Her action scenes at the airport was fantastic. She looked great in all her costumes and her hair/ make-up was very beautiful! Her other character was also funny Ms. TSM. Dada was great same as the other star cast in the film. The songs in CC2C was funny. I love the title track Chandi Chowkt to China and Tere Naine (The sky song)... Overall this film is a great watch! My rating for Chandi Chowk to China: 7/10

Reviewed by veggwhale 8 / 10 / 10

Um......there were some cheesiness......and cringing songs but...

Well I don't care if people bash and hate this movie....I just thought it was very good. I'm a fan of Gordon Liu and Akshay Kumar. my family enjoyed this movie and I repeat, we aren't even Hindi/Indian, white, or Chinese. So boo ya if ya didn't like this movie. I know that Akshay has a background in martial arts and to see him in action and comedy was all that matters. I thought Deepika was very pretty as Suzy That roger guy who plays the dad was awesome too! Gawd I hate people who are always so negative about a movie. even if some scenes were kind of dumb, I didn't mind. The critics and the haters just nag and nag about the film and the director. so what? there are some bad directors out there, we get it now. But there were some good scenes about believing in yourself or sumthing like that. and i absolutely laughed at the potato worship. I'm not even Hindi or Chinese and I understood this film more than the losers who degraded it. Yeah there were some cheesy scenes, bad choice of music, and stuff but overall I looked beyond that and had enjoyed the movie.

Reviewed by LaFeeChartreuse 8 / 10 / 10

Awesome cheesy fun!

I can't believe the low ratings this movie has gotten! My girlfriend and I just watched it and we loved it. Sure, it's incredibly cheesy and silly and over-the-top, but you can pretty much tell that from the cover and the entire basic premise of it, so anyone who isn't looking for something completely ridiculous should have known better than to watch it in the first place. I mean, come on. Bollywood martial arts movie! Was anyone really expecting high art? For what it was - a completely silly, campy, somewhat insane piece of fluff - it was really pretty awesome. Tremendously entertaining, with some great comedy, cool fight scenes (though it took a while to get to them - my only real complaint is that it was longer than it really needed to be), enjoyable music and dance scenes, and even something resembling an actual plot. Maybe you have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy it, but if you are, it's a ton of fun and I'd highly recommend it.

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