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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by damirradic14 8 / 10 / 10

beautiful film

One of the best films of last decade. Impressive visual style, especially cinematography and production design, despite ultra low budget. Deep emotional touch, very special atmosphere, captivating cast, simply beautiful film. This young author (director and writer) did it only with money from his cousins, friends and support from senior Hong kong moviemakers. Enthusiasm above all and remarkable accomplishment is here.

Reviewed by jerry-96 9 / 10 / 10

Angry young man looking for the best things in life, he finds it to be death

This is one hell of a movie and now one of my favourites, it's funny, sad, poetic, has an intriguing storyline, and some very inventive camera work. This is a debut film, a no budget film and a great film. It tells the story of Autumn Moon and his friends, when they find two farewell letters written by a girl who just committed suicide, they decide to deliver the letters for her. They embark on a journey for the reason why she committed suicide. I saw this movie with some friends in the cinema, some loved it, some hated it, the best thing was that most of them were touched by the ending and had red eyes from tears. See it and fall in love with this movie. I know I did...

Reviewed by alice liddell 9 / 10 / 10

Who'd have thought a Hong Kong director would have brought danger and poetry back to the gangster movie?

Sluggish gangster genre revitalised by infusion of teen melodrama. One of the films of the year. The violence is, for once, sickening, immediate and real, rather than crude comedy, but interlaced with expressionistic sensibility of dead protagonist. Deeply moving on a personal level, and highly comic in spite of ultimate despair. The director's visual vocabulary is immense, with imagery of such dreamlike, poetic, evocative beauty, your heart stops.

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