Mags and Julie Go on a Road Trip.



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10 / 10

Oh my - that was really bad - Don't waste your time.

These people wouldn't know humor if it slapped them in the face. No words can describe what a piece of poo this is. Stop making movies with your kids pocket money. I just don't get what was the whole point, it just sucks so hard that I can't believe this has been done intentionally - surely something went horribly wrong somewhere, there has to be some excuse for the lack of any intelligence. Ridiculous waste of time. Little to no plot. Terrible acting. Nothing "funny" about the movie at all. What was the purpose of this nonsense??

Reviewed by areyne4 / 10

A Real Trip Worth Seeing

It's no secret this film is a trip (it says so right there in the title), but the journey it takes you on is full of surprises! When Mags learns about her unexpected inheritance, a cabin in the Northwoods, her best friend Julie insists she escape her demanding boss and thankless job to check it out. Working nonstop the entire road trip, Mags reluctantly discovers how much her job has changed her life when Julie finally unloads some painful truths. Then, only after she takes the ultimate risk, does Mags learn the true value of friendships and pursue her dreams. Showcasing Wisconsin's vibrant urban settings and natural wonders along the way, "Mags and Julie Go On a Road Trip" tells the story of a woman who had to get lost to find herself, and that's a story we can all relate to these days. Josh Dukelow WHBY Radio

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