Man Behind the Sun


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 10 / 10 / 10

Absolutely disturbing and devastating film.

T.F.Mous' 1987 film "Man Behind the Sun" has to be one of the most disturbing and unpleasant movies ever made.It tells us about the atrocities committed by Japanese scientist during the Second World War in China.The acting is pretty good and I think that some of the actors did an outstanding job.The film offers also some of the most revolting gore I have ever seen.Some scenes are truly sickening for example a man is put into decompression chamber and the pressure is steadily increased until he shoots intestines out of his anus-actually Mous used a real corpse to make this scene.There is also incredibly graphic autopsy of a young mute boy-a real cadaver was used for this sequence as well.The scene where a real cat is attacked and consumed by literally thousands of starving rats is incredibly vile and unnecessary.Overall,"Man Behind the Sun" is pretty hard to find,but if you liked "Cannibal Holocaust" or "Bunman:The Untold Story",then give it a look.However fans of cute American horror should avoid it like the plague!

Reviewed by ElijahCSkuggs 9 / 10 / 10

Dark Days

Going into Men Behind the Sun I knew that it was a serious movie that contained animal cruelty and just some seriously graphic material. And the rumors were true. It contained both. But I wasn't expecting a seriously well-made movie. Men Behind the Sun centers around Squadron 731 and how it tortured and killed thousands and thousands of people so Japan would have a great chance at winning the war with Russia. Really the movie is almost entirely about how Squadron 731 can improve their chance to win the war. Be it through torture type situations like extreme temperature or through air-borne bacteria. It's been said that while Squadron 731 was up and running, it's said that there wasn't a single survivor. It's not just an hour and forty-five minutes of death and torture, even though it is close. The movie follows a large cast, whether they show the Generals and troops talking about how important this is to Japan or they show the victims and how they need to tell the world what is happening. It's an incredibly strong look at some of the darkest days this world has ever seen. Many a country have committed awful acts, and I suppose this is Japan's. Even though I hear Japan hasn't officially said it took place. Like I said before, Men Behind the Sun is a strong, powerful and graphic film filled with visuals the average film-goer would rather not see. Truthfully, there's a couple scenes I'd rather have not have seen. There's another comment on here that says "One Viewing Is Enough" and I can't agree more. The only people I would recommend this movie to are history/movie/gore buffs. 8.5 outta 10

Reviewed by Coventry 9 / 10 / 10

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Pretty much everything they say about this movie is true... It's sick, unnameable cruel and shocking, but also unforgettable and quite impressive. "Men Behind the Sun" is not just another wannabe-controversial Asian horror movie, but a devastatingly graphic and accurate history lesson that mostly became controversial due to a handful of notorious scenes. The events take place during the final months of WWII in a Japanese prisoners' camp. The Japanese, allied with the Germans, are slowly but surely losing the War and one General and a couple scientists believe it's up to them to turn the tide by experimenting with bacterial weapons and recruiting young boys to fight for their country. In the middle of their heavy training schedule, these boys are forced to witness some of the most inhumanly sadistic and repulsive experiments ever. The victims are ordinary Chinese and Russian citizens – men as well as women and newborn children - that were captured during battle & held prisoner in lamentable conditions. I'm really not going to debate how "real" the footage of these experiments is (the human cadavers are believed to be real and also the animals-sequences look suspiciously real), so I'll just confirm they're highly disturbing and, in case you're just a little squeamish, stay as far away from this movie as you can! Nevertheless, "Men Behind the Sun" remains one of the absolute greatest Asian shock-productions ever! The acting performances are really convincing, T.F.Mous' directing is solid & professional and the locations and scenery appear to be genuine. The emotions you experience whilst watching this movie are almost indescribable. How are you supposed to behave when observing the detailed autopsy of a defenseless little child? Not even to mention the utterly gruesome experiment in the decompression chamber? Does this make you a sick voyeur yourself or is it actually necessary to see this in order to acknowledge the factual horrors of war and reassure yourself that this may never happen again? Any movie able to provoke these kind of thoughts in your head is a milestone of cinema and nothing short of a masterpiece.

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