Man in the Wilderness


Adventure / Drama / Western

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Henry Wilcoxon as Cut Tongue / Narrated by
James Doohan as Benoit
John Huston as Narrator
Richard Harris as Cpl. Johnstone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tbyrne4 10 / 10 / 10

Nature as hell

Excellent period film, story of survival in the bleak, bleak wilderness. Richard Harris plays a fur trapper in 1820s America who is left for dead by his expedition party after surviving a bear attack. Harris (amazingly) manages to keep himself alive and catch up with the hunting party. Minimal dialogue and action. More a mood piece than anything else, but a very effective one. I really enjoyed "Man in the Wilderness". It's fairly obscure, and its easy to see why. It basically presents nature as hellish and threatening in every way. It also (wonder of wonders) presents the situation realistically. Most films that take place in the 1800s look terrifically groomed and contemporary, as if the stars had spent the day filming and the night relaxing in a jacuzzi. Not so here. This is grimy and gritty. Lots of gray and black and brown. Harris looks dirty and beat-up. I love it. I also love all the scenes of the expedition members pulling that big, muddy boat all over creation. A really good film. Highly recommended if you like films that attempt a certain realism - like robert altman's "McCabe and Mrs. Miller"

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon 10 / 10 / 10

Savage Compassion

Savage and unrelenting, but, compassionate and immensely rewarding tale of a fur trapper, near-fatally mauled by a bear, surviving to exact revenge upon those who left him for dead. A distant and withdrawn character, Zachary Bass (Harris), who through a series of ordeals, recalls both the tumultuous and neglected events in his life that he is now compelled to resurrect. His quest is both a harrowing and moving experience, with a sincere, thoughtful performance by the late Richard Harris. "Man in the Wilderness" boasts breathtaking scenery, a memorable score, and supporting performances played with conviction, particularly by John Huston and Percy Herbert. While it might draw parallels with Harris' "Horse" trilogy, this role is a more complex characterisation, developed without the benefit of dialogue, but through actions, expressions and emotions. I've read reviews of this film that claim that the movie is uninvolving and gratuitously violent, but nothing, in my opinion, could be further from the truth. If ever there was a character with whom you could empathise, and follow to a poignant (and satisfying) conclusion, Zachary Bass is that character. A metaphoric journey from his own personal "wilderness" to a state of self consciousness in both his existence, and purpose. If ever there was a movie that could depict the challenges that he would face, and intertwine them with the complex motivations for his desire to survive, "Man in the Wilderness" is that movie. A rare gem.

Reviewed by michaelluvsgina 10 / 10 / 10

Based on a true story

This film follows the trials of Zack Bass (Richard Harris), a hunter for an expedition led by Captian Henry (John Huston. He gets malled by a bear and left to die. The crew along with Captain Henry are faced with guilt and fear he is coming to haunt them. At one point even the indians believe he is dead. Zack survives the ordeal and uses his wits to survive. He encounters many things along the way back, that teach him just how precious life really is. The photography in this film is stunning. It is well directed and although there are very few lines in the movie, the soundtrack is beautiful. It is a pleasure to watch and you come out of this movie feeling wonderful. Highly recommended!

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