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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pmfilm 10 / 10 / 10

It is a love story that ends before it begins

Debutant director Anup Kurian traces most exquisite relationship 'love' against the brilliant backdrop of picturesque landscapes shot in the magnificent locales of Kerala, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh. Debutant cinematographer Viswamangal Kitsu has successfully painted the perfect picture in celluloid what exactly Anup wanted to draw in this classic love story narrated extraordinarily with a unique style of story telling. George Nair (Zafar Karachiwala) comes to Pune as a management consultant to advice restructuring of a publishing house. Here he meets the vibrant vice president of the company Malati Chandran (Neha Dubey). As the story unfolds Malati appears to be the girl, whose unrequited love compelled George's brother the environmental engineer Ravi Roy (Atul Kulkarni) disappear. Much of the story is in flashback as it unfolds through many letters that Ravi and Malati wrote to each other. The film ends on a philosophical note keeping the story open ended and thus giving the viewer a lot to think. The narrative is always very smart due to intelligent editing by Unni Vijayan. Brilliant performance of Atul Kulkarni as a young, highly educated, spirited Keralite who prefers to work as a consultant from his picturesque village in Kumarokam is unparallel. Though in English, but the film speaks about India in such a poetic style that the viewer of any country, culture and language could realize what a harmonious life co-exists in India. It is a love story that ends before it begins.

Reviewed by Lynchian696 10 / 10 / 10

Striking Tale Of Unrequited Love With Visual Artistry..!

A rare stroke of luck from a film is this brilliantly cast and staged by director Anup Kurian. There was plenty of wry humor, pathos, and atmosphere to keep any thoughtful viewer interested. What makes this film a masterpiece is the direction of the film and style of storytelling, more than the story also the fine acting of the three principle actors, who held your eyes and attention every time they were on the screen. The kind of conversations between the characters reflected reality yet projected here in a purely cinematic fold. Neha Dubey as Malathy Chandran gives a performance which is layered and complex. She uses her facial expressions a lot to signify a change in her mood. It is not possible for the viewer to not care for her and her plight. Atul Kulkarni captivated with his most expressive face. The director allowed the actors to slowly change before your eyes, as gradually as if it were real life. There was such an organic nature to this film, it really felt lived-in. It was beautifully filmed and framed the actors effectively, so you were aware of their humanity, not their physical scale. There are shots that are so beautiful to look at that they can be easily framed and hung on the wall. The music is wonderful, including the score by David Prahl, Lisa Stanislawski and Craig Leininger. Yes an argument can be made that certain convenient adjustments are made in the screenplay to arrive at an ending which would have been acceptable for the audience of the time, but personally I didn't have a problem with these adjustments because of the way Anup kept using artistic visual flair to execute them. This is genuinely a masterpiece rich with feelings, emotions, social commentary and visual artistry. An absolute must-watch, if you don't love it, then check for a pulse.

Reviewed by vipindeva 10 / 10 / 10

Manasarovar , a beautiful journey

I heard about the movie in 2004 when I was in school .Movie got recognised across the globe in various film festivals.After a lot of struggle got the DVD (still available to purchase the DVD in the movie official website) in 2012 . Movie is about the relationship of three individuals.How they are connected by destiny.i don't want to reveal anything else about the movie.Its a unique experience. A small and cute love story clubbed with some awesome performances by the likes of Atul Kulkarni,Neha Dubey and Zafar karachiwala. even though a small budget venture it is beautifully cinematographed such that you will fall in love with the places .Be it Pune , Kerala or Kailash or Himalayas shown in the climax. If Indian English movies are your cup of tea , this will be the best experience you can get.

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