Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


Biography / Drama / History

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Carl Beukes as Niel Barnard
Idris Elba as Macavity
Mark Elderkin as Medic
Naomie Harris as Jennie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikhilrampal 4 / 10 / 10

wasnt expecting that.

Yes. Idris elba was amazing. But we knew that going in. What we didn't know is that this movie was going to be frustratingly focused on his early life and mistakes to the extent id rather be watching an episode of friends. Poor script.

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 9 / 10 / 10

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

I mainly knew about this film because of the leading actor playing the real-life character of the film, based on the famous autobiography I was hoping this film would be interesting, directed by Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl). Based on the true story, Nelson Mandela (Golden Globe nominated Idris Elba) is a South African lawyer, in the 1940s he joins the African National Congress, and marries Winnie Madikizela (Naomie Harris). Mandela is forced to abandon peaceful protesting for armed resistance following the Sharpeville Massacre, but Mandela pay the price, he and his comrades are sentenced to life imprisonment for treason and conspiring to overthrow the state. During his time in prison, his wife Winnie is abused by the authorities, but she eventually escapes this, Mandela's spirit is not diminished over the decades, his struggle goes on in and beyond his captivity. Mandela's cause for political change and racial equality becomes international, Winnie's determination to help her husband hardens over the years, with violent ruthlessness, eventually there are concerts, a song and other events, all campaigning to "Free Nelson Mandela". Mandela is freed from prison after 27 years in 1990, his stature rises from the renowned leader of his movement to being inaugurated as the first democratically elected president of South Africa, and he works hard to find a peaceful victory for his country, and all its peoples. Also starring Tony Kgoroge as Walter Sisulu, Riaad Moosa as Ahmed Kathrada and Jamie Bartlett as James Gregory. Elba certainly has statuesque manner to play the famous revolutionary and philanthropist, but he doesn't quite nail the accent, and Harris is good as his challenged wife, the length of the film is mostly taken up by the prison time, the film is a similar structure to The Iron Lady, just highlighting the most memorable moments in the life and career of the great man, but it is a fairly interesting and alright biographical drama. It won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for "Ordinary Love" by U2 (it was also Oscar nominated), and it was nominated for Best Original Score for Alex Heffes, and it was nominated the BAFTA for Best British Film. Worth watching!

Reviewed by Vodmoskva 9 / 10 / 10

Inspiring, Instructive and Beautiful

Nelson Mandela's life choices, values and philosophy provide an inspiring example for any caring human being. The brutality and cruelty of apartheid should be seen by as many as possible so that humankind never repeats this hatred and violence. This is a beautiful, well-made film that captures the man and the time--certainly not perfectly, and not in full detail. However, I enjoyed the film immensely, learned a lot from it and encourage everyone to watch it.

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