Manhattan Undying


Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Luke Grimes as Harvey West
Noah Danby as Johnny
Sarah Roemer as Vivian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LukeCustomer2 1 / 10 / 10

So disappointing

This entire movie would seem to have the raw elements to have an interesting movie... but the problem is, they only have about 40 minutes of script. Luke Grimes portrays a hedonistic artist living in Manhattan. (think Issac from Heroes) He is the next big thing and acts like it, sleeping with women, doing drugs, drinking and staying out all night. However, he ends up diagnosed with fatal lung cancer. Instead of getting treatment he decides just to be even more hedonistic. All of this should have taken about 10 minutes, but instead takes about 30 to unfold. While this is happening men are being killed by a massive blood letting all over Manhattan and the police are on the case. Finally Max decides that his hedonistic lifestyle isn't getting anyplace and tells his agent to get him work. This includes a model. This is when a strange model shows up seemingly out of no place and dun dun dun... is a vampire. She wants to be painted because she doesn't know what she looks like (given that mirrors don't show her). I have no idea how she found him. Ok, now we are getting someplace but there is a time stalling problem. You have to open yourself up to the artist or he can't paint you. He needs inspiration. And of course, a vampire has trouble opening themselves up. This "struggle" goes on for about 30 minutes. Sarah Romer is just horrible and stiff as the vampire (can't tell if it was direction) as if she was told that to have an other worldly quality she had to be stiff. There is never any sun in this movie. Everything is dark and blue. Finally, the ending seemed to make zero sense to me and just seems like they had no ending.

Reviewed by wildpeace10 8 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time on this one

So the idea of this movie might seem good at first. You are a vampire and you want a painter to paint your picture. Why?Well probably because you can't see yourself in the mirror but this is a really thin idea and very under developed. You got people swearing and smoking all the time and people taking drugs. You've got detectives trying to find a vampire murder but we don't care much about anybody in this film because nobody's really interesting. And the nudity is of the uninterested kind ,short,sideways,mostly in the dark like the director had a strong desire not to excite anybody.Still can't understand why movies like this get financed.

Reviewed by sunshinedaydreamz 8 / 10 / 10

Unique perspective on the Vampire genre

Excellent movie! Touching, moving, romantic...I could go on with adjective after adjective. If you like unique quality movies in the Vampire Genre, that is skewed to Romance rather than violence, but with a great story behind it, then you will love this movie. The lead lady, although her spoken word is unlearned, her facial acting was spot on, and that is what is needed for this movie. And the leading man, well, he is great at capturing a Tortured artist. Not every movie has to be full of sex and violence to be good. Even though some reviewers seem to think it's mandatory. Also, the musical score is fitting and beautiful. This will not be everyone's cup of tea but it will move others!

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