Mannequin: On the Move


Comedy / Fantasy

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Kristy Swanson as Joanna
Michael J. Anderson as Jewel Box Bearer
Terry Kiser as Uncle Max
William Ragsdale as Sands Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by utgard14 5 / 10 / 10

"Polyester? What plant is that from?"

Sequel to Mannequin has little in common with the first movie, outside of Meshach Taylor's character Hollywood and the Jefferson Starship song played at the end. A lot of people hated the first Mannequin but I'm one of its fans. It's a movie that never fails to bring a smile to my face, despite its perceived faults. This one is not as good, for a variety of reasons, but it is watchable fluff. It recycles some elements from the first movie but goes in its own direction with the cursed necklace and all that. It's not very funny but there are some laughs here and there. The romance this time doesn't work as well due to the bland chemistry between William Ragsdale and Kristy Swanson. Despite this, both of them are cute and fun individually. Terry Kiser is amusing as the villain. Meshach Taylor aggressively steals every scene he's in. The trio of German bodybuilding guys are very lame. I assume they were put in this because Hans & Franz was a thing on Saturday Night Live back then. Aside from "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", this is a terrible soundtrack. The gagworthy "Can't Believe My Eyes" by Gene Miller (who?) is just one of the tacky songs in this. If you liked Mannequin, give this one a shot but keep expectations low. Oh, and be prepared for a surprising fate for one of the characters. I doubt you'll see it coming.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10 / 10

Remove the enchanted necklace and she's a real live girl

Mannequin On The Move retained two things from the original Mannequin film, the Oscar nominated song Nothing's Going To Stop Us Now and the one and only Hollywood played with same flamboyance by Meshach Taylor. The only reference to the previous film is when Meshach Taylor says on a couple of occasions that he's seen these strange goings on before. In this story Kristy Swanson has been turned into a wooden statue, one incredibly lifelike one and it has a legend attached that in a thousand years her true love will be able to remove the enchanted necklace that made her a girl Pinocchio and she'll be a real live girl. That was in 991 and in 1991 William Ragsdale pulls the necklace off as easily as Arthur withdrew the sword from the stone. In a thousand years Kristy has a lot to catch up on. But more than that Terry Kiser the sorcerer who did the deed back in medieval times is looking to steal the princess, wooden or alive, for his own nefarious Snidely Whiplash designs. Like the first Mannequin the setting is another department store and Taylor steals every scene he was in. Not only did he have a green light from the director, he should have been issued a speeding ticket for overacting. Never mind it all works out well. Not quite up to snuff as the original but still a lot of laughs.

Reviewed by thesar-2 4 / 10 / 10

The Troll 2 of Rom-Com Sequels

No main mannequin protagonist in a Mannequin sequel? Check. Only one main star returning and for the most part has amnesia to the outlandish events of part one? Got it. Trying to cash in on the song craze from the original. Well, they tried. I understand Hollywood – the mindset, not the character here – and their need to cash in on popular films for inevitable sequels. I also feel the need to walk that thin line of rehashing the first one but giving people the same feeling they got the first time around. Unfortunately, in this case, they went so far from the original's mythology, this should've just been called something different. And that all said, it wasn't a terrible movie on its own. Not great, not even really good, but thanks to the two leads, namely Kristy Swanson and some – mind you SOME – jokes that worked, I didn't hate on it as I believe most did. In this universe, a curse was placed 1,000 years prior to present day (1991) to turn Swanson's Jessie into a wooden doll. This is where it gets tricky: there are several ways to break the curse when there was only one given at curse time. Removing a necklace, but only a future true love can do that and yet many take it away and clap it back on with ease. You can wait for the 1,000 years to be up and she just turns back. Or just true love will find her. See, the movie sets up rules and immediately breaks them and then the movie is all over the place. Once this happened twice, I gave up on continuity and just hopped for the real life Jessie back. (Speaking of which, apparently Jessie had no idea she was frozen for 1,000 years or even a doll, but when others enter a room, she "pretends" to be said doll.) Okay the set up continues with her coming back, getting frozen again, and many, many more subplots not even worth going into. They crammed so much in here that was so unnecessary, it really did harm the film and reduce the romance part. Mannequin On the Move has its moments, but not many. Hollywood's character that I loved from the first one returns, but is bland the first half. Suddenly, in the third act, he bursts out with some funny one-liners. And while it does have its moments, it's not recommended for fans of the first one. If you've never seen that one, eh, maybe you'd like this throw-away. *** Final thoughts: I honestly don't think I've ever seen this before yesterday, but the funniest line of the movie was from Hollywood and I know I used to say this to my friends or new people all the time when I used to go out to the clubs: Jason: You were in the marines? Hollywood: Yes they were looking for a few good men and... so was I. I knew I didn't make that up, but thought it was funny, so I did reuse that over and over. At least, now I know where it came from…

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