Mystery / Thriller

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September 26, 2020


Bill Paterson as Mandelbaum
Emun Elliott as Kieran
Peter Mullan as Mr. McGill
Thekla Reuten as Anna Teshemka
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bananaspider 7 / 10 / 10

Inside the mind of a child

I believe the movie that we thought it was would have been better than what it ended up being. Both scenarios are based on fantasy but the former was more science fiction/fantasy.

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10 / 10

you spin me right round baby right round...

Like a record of psyciatric inuendos, where the plot and story is so complexed that it hypnotized the grumpy old man into somnolentia, its like a film emerging from a film of anotherfilm about a woman and her seriuous patient case, or was she the case herself, and the whole production goes from dark grey cold , wet and mysterious a time that even i could analyze the problem, then the visionaries become farther and darker in a dreamlike nightmare where dead ressurects and and the complexity of the story turned into a catnap for me, then when you think the flick is over it spins of again, now in a whitish world, and you may now get a glimpse of whos the real fanasizer in this story is... my god, this dug deep into my stemcells, its not a fun ride, rather a mysterious riddle of a drawing board game its a irrational drama en masse', the filming and soundwork are good, the actors play well, but the plotspeed are slow, and playtime a bit to long for an adhd'ish perpredemented tinnitusious grumpy old man, that wont tell you to shade away from this , its just to complex for a tired mind, so be awake and ready when viewing this one.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 8 / 10 / 10


This little mystery/thriller opens well and then takes you on a ride that is fascinating and at times thrilling. Well shot, with a great script and top-notch performances, Thekla Reutan shines as a psychiatrist mesmerized by what is going on in the head of a child patient, and as she is sucked into his world, so is the viewer into the movie. What is so great about this movie is it's many layers and the questions it asks about life itself. This is a movie you watch, feel and think about later. The filmmakers have the atmosphere just right and the casting is perfect. If you are expecting fast paced, this is not it but the movie is a great ride, never boring and had me intrigued as to what would happen next. Very well done on every level.

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