Marketing the Messiah



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luvsmurfette 10 / 10 / 10


Finally we have an honest historical view of the bible. Explaining the reality without the motivated reasoning applied by religious zealots.

Reviewed by dancemacabre 1 / 10 / 10

Funny and interesting but one sided and unfair

I mean, I'm agnostic and I expected more serious documentary. Actually, this is one sided scholars documentary mixed with animated humor and cheesy music. Scholars sounds very serious and they all have same short sentences. But where is other side? Where is N.T. Whright, one of leading Biblical scholars today, along with William Lane Craig, David Bloomberg, Norman Geisler, Frank Turek, DAvid Habermas and many others catholic or protestant scholars or well readed experts today who are not so well known to academia circle. Where is Barth Erhman, an agnostic, who can also contribute to this topic since he is one of the most prolific authors on subject of early Christianity in western world. And the red flag about reviews. Most 10/10 reviews are new accounts that written only this review and that rings bells that this is marketing from crew team and producers. I have watched many documentaries and live debates about origin of Christianity and ressurection of Jesus and this documentary bringing nothing new and insightful - it's marketing for those who only just want to confirm they agnosticism or better say atheism. It's much easier to watch this fun documentary than read book tetralogy of Jesus and Paul by N.T.Wright which is more than 4000 pages long. Think about it!

Reviewed by snagssharkteeth-23785 1 / 10 / 10

Lacks intelligence.

Like religious institutes this documentary also selects specific passages from the bible. Depicting a half baked picture of the meaning of Jesus and who he is. It also quotes erroneous modern bible translations in order to appeal itself and inorganically attempts to explain circumstances, presenting them as false. For example, the show tells us Paul was visited by Jesus's Ghost, which is incorrect as it is said Jesus rose as a material being from the grave. It is often trying to find contradictions that are based on fallacious interpretations which makes them nothing more than confusions on part of those attempting to reveal it as contradiction. A thorough understanding of contextualized scripture is missing, as usual and thus a mundane interpretation is put forth which is completely inappropriate because one hundred percent of the bible is not in reference to mundane scenarios but divine ones. It would be nice to think finally, a documentary revealing the discrepancy of Christianity but that is most certainly not what you are being given, sorry.

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