Marry Me at Christmas


Comedy / Family / Romance

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November 27, 2020



Crystal Lowe as Gretchen
Emily Tennant as Ginger Blake
Rachel Skarsten as Maddy Krug
Trevor Donovan as Colt McCoy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 7 / 10 / 10

Average Film For Hallmark

I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 Christmas MOVIES. BEWARE OF BOGUS REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. SOME REVIEWERS HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. WHEN ITS A POSITIVE REVIEW THAT TELLS ME THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. IF ITS NEGATIVE THEY MAY HAVE A GRUDGE! I HAVE NO AGENDA. I AM FARE Organizing a Christmas wedding is a true treat for bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect dress for the bride and orchestrating an exquisite event. What Madeline didn't expect was to be swept off her feet by the bride's gorgeous brother. This film is okay but I do love the fact that the "Bride" in this is not shown as a "Bridezilla". She is just a girl wanting a Christmas Wedding. She is shown to be a sweet and kind woman. I don't want to give too much away but this film is sweet but the only thing that stands out is that Trevor Donovan has a bad dye job. Not the Best Christmas movie. Its not bad but its not original!

Reviewed by rebecca-gzym 9 / 10 / 10

Rachel Skarsten's Hair!

I'm a hairstylist and I can't get past this. Who approved this hair? It's like a 3rd main character. The movie is typical Hallmark. I watched all of them last year. They all have the same plot, but during Christmas who wants anything too heavy.

Reviewed by beachy-38431 9 / 10 / 10

I have fallen in love with Emily Tennet

I agree with the previous review about the lead's curly hair. It is not only distracting, it is ugly. From the pictures of her, she is very pretty in real life. And isn't Ginger usually the name of a red haired girl. But I am so glad they picked Emily Tennet to play the part of the sister. I absolutely fell in love with her. Emily, you are one of very few girls that makes me wish I was young again. But none of that matters, I will watch any movie with Trevor Donovan. I wonder if he is as nice in real life. I have seen him in several movies and his character is always just so nice.

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