Martial Arts of Shaolin


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChungMo 8 / 10 / 10

Technically brilliant martial arts

This is a strange film in HK movie history. It's possibly the last "traditional" Shaw brothers film, released a year after the film studio closed it's doors. In fact there are no scenes shot in HK at all. Nearly everything is on location in Mainland China. It's also the last Liu Chia Liang film working with his Shaw crew of cameramen and technicians. It's one of the first HK and Mainland co-productions and the first time Jet Li worked with anyone other than Mainland film crews. Jet Li has been unusually frank about his unhappiness with the work habits of the HK crew, director Liu included. The story is clearly from HK as Jet Li gets into situations that would have been considered unacceptable in a Mainland production at that time. He plays a mischievous kung fu monk with an agenda for revenge against an evil warlord. He meets up with a girl with the same agenda but she's disguised as a boy which fools everyone but the audience. Many, many fight scenes with a generous helping of lion dancing. The film is thematically the style of Liu's previous films for the Shaw studios right down to the woman dressed as a man plot device. If the story was a little bit more substantial perhaps this film would be as well known as Liu's other classics. It's easy to imagine replacing the entire Mainland acting company with the Shaw regulars. The camera work is in the Shaw style but with the added benefit of gorgeous Mainland landscapes and famous landmarks. The action is classic Liu Chia Liang choreography with a Mainland Wu Shu twist. The mass action scenes are exceptional. Great action, Jet Li playing a comic character, excellent photography. Recommended.

Reviewed by astelix 9 / 10 / 10

Only for the people who want to get fun

hoping that Jonas Svensson doesn't mind my sarcastic echo to his comment. This is a really entertaining flick where you'll see exciting and competent kung-fu action and some funny moments. It is not hard to me to agree with Jonas about the lack of amazing acting skills and a solid screenplay but, you know, Al Pacino is a bad kung-fu performer and have been fired by the production and Federico Fellini was shooting "Ginger and Fred" that year. Jokes apart kung-fu enthusiasts know very well what is the spot in martian art films and this whole series do not ever miss it. Therefore if you like the good ol' Chinese martian art film style no fear and enjoy this really funny flick.

Reviewed by wandering-star 9 / 10 / 10

Roller coaster ride 'o whup-ass

This great film brings together Jet Li and titan-of-a-martial-arts-director Lau Kar-Leung (Seven Swords, Drunken Master II, among scores of others). Jet Li plays Zhi Ming, a monk in one of the northern shaolin schools who learns that the man who killed his parents, Lord He Suo, is holding a birthday celebration. He leaves the monastery without permission on a quest for vengeance. During the assassination attempt he joins up with Sima Yan and Chao Wei, also wronged by He Suo and out for revenge. This film is not only chock full of great fights superbly choreographed, but also has plentiful demonstrations of kung fu as the beautiful martial art form that it is. The traditional Chinese dragon dance and drumming at He Suo's birthday celebration is also captivating. Another strength is the unparalleled scenes for some of these fights - from the Great Wall, to ancient temples, to green valleys surrounded by breathtaking mountainous panoramas. This movie makes you want to travel to China. Definitely recommended for fans of the genre.

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