Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!


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Grey Griffin as Marena / Gemma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10 / 10

Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight!: For the kids and the kids alone

Being a Marvel fan one thing that always frustrates me is the lack of demographic consistency. The animation can range from 15's down to U's and this one is certainly the latter. In this adventure aimed directly at the tiddly winks the Avengers must team up with Rocket & Groot to stop Loki from gaining the power of Santa Claus. Yep, that wasn't a typo. Santa is now part of the Marvel Universe I suppose and essentially has his own Christmas realm full of candy canes & gingerbread men. As you can imagine the whole thing is very low-key (Pun intended) and childish. The animation is all very colourful, the action scenes are cutesy and the humour is aimed at the young. The whole Santa Claus thing made it difficult to take any of it seriously, that and the addition of Reptil who Marvel just can't seem to stick with an ethnicity of. He was originally hispanic but I've seen both caucasian and african american incarnations. Great for your kids, not so good for adults. The Good: Well made The Bad: Humour is infantile Reptil's ethnicity has changed repeatedly Santa, really? Things I Learnt From This Movie: Ironman has a Stargate

Reviewed by DarthBill 9 / 10 / 10

It was... okay. Seriously, I watched it just for Carol Danvers/Cap Marvel

The Avengers find their holidays being compromised by that darned Loki, who has joined forces with the frost giant Ymir to kidnap none other than Santa Claus himself, who has it turns out is a super powerful mythological bad ass. Only the Avengers can save Jolly Old Saint Nick now! Oh and Rocket Raccoon and Groot show up too. Once again Marvel Animation seems content to churn out a product that probably would have been more at home in the 1980s where it might have actually seen as off beat but feels out of place today. "Avengers Assemble" has (or had - I gave up after a few episodes) the same problem - where its predecessor "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" moved like a well oiled machine, "Assemble" just feels old, stiff, clunky and about 20 to 30 years out of date (and its attempts to mimic the MCU style banter never quite works). It would have been right at home alongside the GI Joe and Transformers cartoons of the 80s, but it hasn't been the 80s for quite some time. For whatever its worth this feature is somewhat more watchable than AA or "Ultimate Spider-Man", despite being about 10 minutes too long and featuring a lot of overwritten dialogue in an attempt to mimic the MCU. There are some genuinely funny bits in the film, such as Rocket Raccoon and Groot's encounter with Mrs. Claus. There's also a surprisingly poignant moment where the heroes gather around a fire and share Christmas memories (for Reptil getting dinosaur toys, for Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers getting tickets to an air show where she got to sit in a jet, for Captain America/Steve Rogers getting a baseball & bat despite not having any skill for the sport). The feature's greatest asset however is Carol Danvers showing up as Captain Marvel. Grey DeLisle-Griffin reprises the role of Carol from "Superhero Squad" and she easily steals the show by managing to be tough but also funny and personable, snagging most of the better one liners along the way. The other voice actors do decent enough work, with Steve Blum and Jane Singer both turning in amusing performances as Santa Claus, Santa's doppelganger and Mrs. Claus. Overall not a work of art, but an okay holiday viewing if you've got 70+ minutes to kill.

Reviewed by ondrarehounek 9 / 10 / 10

Funny Christmas Special

When I had seen the rating of this movie I expected poorly animated movie with few stupid jokes... But I was totally surprised because I could not resist to smile to so many classic Avengers jokes - people on train had to think I was watching some really great comedy. To sum up: This movie is holiday special and should be watched with that in mind. But to be honest I hardly saw better Christmas movie than this one... Those who look for some "serious" Avengers movie, pick some of Marvel Animated Features collection but if you are looking for funny movie with some original idea how to bring Christmas topic to Avengers movie, it is worth the shot.

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