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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10 / 10

Picture Perfect Picture

Lacey Chabert is getting serious with Thad Luckinbill -- he's just invited her to his hometown for Christmas to meet his mother -- but it soon becomes clear to the audience that she should be with Adam Mayfield. Good thing that Santa Claus is on hand in the person of Donovan Scott -- he's played the role almost every year on TV since 2000. The result is a low-key and very pleasant Christmas fantasy movie. As with the best of the Hallmark TV movies, the real pleasure for me is not the pretty people and the inevitable working of their romcom plots (although Ms. Chabert is particularly winsome in her role) but the presence of some fine players in key but minor roles. John Ratzenberger is on hand to play an almost incoherent auto mechanic and Florence Henderson is a mildly ditzy hotel clerk. The entire production is shot handsomely with lots of earth colors to produce a nostalgic sepia tint to the proceedings. The movie won't win any awards, but it should certainly please anyone who decides to tune in.

Reviewed by pumpkinmom-91723 8 / 10 / 10

Great movie until the last 5 minutes

This is a fun, sweet holiday movie that checks all the boxes. Of COURSE you see the end coming, I mean, Hallmark isn't going to pull a 6th Sense surprise on us, but the last 5 minutes are ridiculously concise... it's like they were suddenly told the theater was about to close and they had to wrap up a 30 min conclusion into 4 minutes like a cancelled tv series. All of the characters were believable, the townspeople were charming and the heroine FINALLY wasn't acting like a spoiled victim. Lacy is a perfectly suited Christmas movie actress and I'm glad to see her in a role that doesn't demean her into being helpless. A worth-while watch.

Reviewed by juneterry-93075 8 / 10 / 10

Romance, Sweetness, Santa

I suppose I should confess I am a true hopeless romantic. I love most all Hallmark Christmas movies, but even with that said I still have my favorites. I will also add that I don't always feel the chemistry is there between the actors. When it is, when that magic is there, it makes them so much more enjoyable. I loved this one for that reason. I thought the actors all interacted well. This movie has my favorite Santa (he's played Santa in a few Hallmark movies)so I am sure that helped. Lacey Chabert does tend to be one of my favorites. She is such a believable character and everything I see her in. This is my current favorite Hallmark movie, and quite honestly in a world where things are a bit chaotic and full of bad news, movies like this are exactly what I need to restore my faith. I love the old fashioned traditions of making cookies, going to a tree lighting, and just overall feeling like love still exist. The world just needs more of it.

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