Material Girls


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Benji Madden as Mistaken Valet #2
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Hilary Duff as Tanzie Marchetta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 1 / 10 / 10

Ode to shallowness

If you are a fan of trendy clothes, superficiality, and emptiness, "Material Girls" is the film for you. But, if on the contrary, you have a mind of your own, and couldn't care less for designer labels, and all the trendiness of a certain group of people, then this is a movie you might not enjoy. Even as the Marchetta girls keep getting poorer by the minute, they seem to have a knack for pulling the right outfits to go with their new impoverished state! One was curious as to what attracted Martha Coolidge, its director, to such paper thin material. She has done better with other movies, so we were surprised to see her at the helm of this project which will not add anything to her resume. As far as the acting goes, this movie will not win any awards, that's for sure. Even Angelica Huston, an actress of excellent taste seems to be asking to herself, "What am I doing in this piece of $#%%^%"!

Reviewed by kayjayt 2 / 10 / 10


I was 100% disappointed with this movie. I am usually a fan of the cheesy girlie movies, and Hilary Duff. Unfortunately the acting in this movie was not there. It seemed more like a movie done between the Duff sisters for fun. You could tell they were acting, not very believable. I'm one of the people who don't normally notice these things too! The plot wasn't that unique and it was so short with nothing really happening, and it was predictable. Yuck! I'm sure they had fun making it, but I didn't have fun watching it. And I don't think anyone else in the theater did either, instead when it FINALLY ended everyone just kinda hurried out of their in silence (nothing good to talk about). See it yourself if you want to, I'm just trying to save you your time.

Reviewed by TJSaffa 2 / 10 / 10

Should be rated PG 13

First let me say that I like the Duff sisters, so I was not looking to hate this movie. In fact, we own Hilary's previous movies on DVD and I figured we'd eventually own this one too. Now that I've seen ("wasted money on" is another way to say it) this movie, I can tell you I will not ever buy this and will never watch this again. The only reason I gave this a one instead of a two is that I genuinely like the Duff sisters. I was looking forward to a movie that my daughter would like and I would enjoy, if not just tolerate. I think the sisters should fire their agents, advisers, producers, or whoever put them up to this. It did nothing to enhance their careers. And I'm still not sure who they thought their audience is. Certainly no adults would (or should) choose to see this movie if they weren't going for their daughters, but neither was this movie properly aimed at young girls (the Duffs' main fan base.) As far as the PG rating, I am not a prude - I actually own Mean Girls, and I am fairly liberal about what my children watch (e.g., we love Friends, even though others think the material is not always appropriate for kids) but I squirmed in my seat for the moms that had younger children in the audience, as well as for my 11 year old daughter. Without going into detail - no spoilers - there were blatant references to adultery, gang banging, and sex that I did not think appropriate at all. There was some foul language. There was outright prejudice against all sorts of people. Referencing an earlier review, yes the comment was about "I Love Lucy" and not a Hispanic nanny, but nonetheless, annoying anyway. Most importantly, the movie was mindless, and it didn't have to be. The Duff sisters aside, there were some genuinely talented people in the cast (Anjelica Huston, Maria Conchita Alonso) but the script was so bad that there was no saving this movie. There was a shot at redemption near the end, but the screenwriters blew that too. (How do these things even become movies?) It's almost as if the creators know that this movie won't last but a nano-second in history, as evidenced by the constant mainstream references and advertising plugs. Technically, there was bad continuity (Check out Hilary's hairstyles - in the beginning there is one scene where her french braid magically disappears with a camera angle change; or the lips moving out of sequence with the dialogue)and the jarring special effects editing were distracting and juvenile. Like the characters themselves, this movie is all form with no substance.

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