Maternal Instinct


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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October 27, 2020


Aaron Pearl as Hayden Staltzy
Laura Mennell as Chloe Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RodMartinJr 4 / 10 / 10

Could have been so much better

Bad, bad, bad writing. Lack of continuity check and motivation. After the first few gaffes, it does get a little better, but not much. Main character says one thing and does another, repeatedly, like, "I'll get the report to you before I leave," then "Let's go..." Short-term memory loss? Some acting was fair to horrible. Some was good, but overall a mixed bag. And the doctor not letting the daughter stay with the mom even though there was no immediate danger? I've known doctors like that, and they are a hazard to society. He was going to pull the plug, but the daughter showing up makes the mother stronger. Dumb! This is exactly how you take a good idea and mangle it just enough to make it barely watchable. A better writer could have made it all so much better, even with the poorer acting.

Reviewed by jcgoodwin2 3 / 10 / 10

About Average

A policewoman takes in a teenage witness and bonds with her during the investigation. Being a fan of relationships like this, I was pretty excited for the film, but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. The problem is that, for the most part, the kid lacks likable qualities and the relationship feels rushed, as the girl is an extreme crybaby who clings to the heroine from the very start. Perhaps this can be called realistic, but the creators forget to make it engaging. In other words, I need more reason to sympathize with a character than the mere fact that they've endured trauma, and I usually prefer to see a relationship develop in phases. A good example of what I'm describing can be found in the film adaptation of Iris Johansen's 'The Killing Game,' a somewhat similar tale which handled its characters and their bond in much better fashion. The action and the conflict driving it are decent. High points include nice performances by Laura Mennell as the dedicated detective and Marcus Rosner as her teammate.

Reviewed by pub-21 3 / 10 / 10

B Grade even for an TV Movie

I fully understand you can't make much of a movie for $0.8M but I have seen better $50K movies. Acting performances sucks as does the story line. It's riddled with flaws that make it unrealistic. The only reason I give it the third star, is that I did manage to see it through to the end!

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