May in the Summer


Comedy / Drama

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April 13, 2019



Alexander Siddig as Adib Abdel Kareem
Alia Shawkat as Bella
Bill Pullman as Morgan Banner
Hiam Abbass as Nadine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gurdajordan 1 / 10 / 10

that movie stinks

this movie is by far the worse movie i have ever seen in my life, it took a place in Jordan and all the scenes and people in the movie they don't even represent Jordan nor Jordanians, its talking about a Palestinian family so they might film it in Palestine not Jordan, and i see this movie as a misrepresentation of Jordanians and Jordan and its a racist movie so don't even bother to watch. and if i have the ability to take it down from the internet i would.

Reviewed by jmlogan54 9 / 10 / 10

Loved the movie

I really enjoyed the story with its twists and turns. Like the previous reviewer, I do feel that a great deal of my enjoyment was derived from the backdrop of Amman, Jordan. It is stunningly beautiful and add to that the background soundtrack of the calls to prayer, even more beautiful. Also, learning that the lead was played by the writer of the story, I wondered if it was autobiographical. I would have liked to learn more about why all 3 daughters left their homeland. I would have liked to learn more about how the father met the mother. Bill Pullman did a great job with the role of the father coming across as believable some of the time but not believable much of the time.

Reviewed by Ingrid Naimy 9 / 10 / 10

Lovely comedy with a heart

Let's just start saying that I do not believe that this movie got under six stars on IMDb. This is an amazing Indie movie. Starting with the photography which is beautiful and then going to the plot and to the actors. So refreshing... I loved the expressions of the daughters every time the mother, who is a devoted Christian, made funny religious comments. I can relate so well, I am Brazilian but my father was a Christian Lebanese, so I grew up with both Brazilian and Middle Eastern culture and also with the "religious" behavior of my dad. And it is just like that, besides Middle Eastern people are very friendly and warm and what a hospitality they have, but they are also in everybody's business, pressuring and pushing for marriage and education and all families are kind of dysfunctional, it is just crazy and lovely. Going back to the movie, I thought with was amazing, sweet, beautiful, female power and funny. Love the soundtrack too. The scenes when they go to the "Red Sea" for the bachelorette party are awesome and hilarious. Another movie, like this is "Caramel", from director "Nadine Labaki"

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