Maz Jobrani: Immigrant

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Maz Jobrani as Himself
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Reviewed by persian-belle 10 / 10 / 10

Maz's Best Ever!

I was up last night looking at "Recently Added" on Netflix. I noticed that there was a new stand-up by Maz Jobrani. I have seen some of his earlier shows, and my husband has been to one of his live shows. Let me tell you I did expect to laugh but I didn't think I'd have tears in my eyes! I generally enjoy stand-up comedy but this show was a non-stop belly laugh ride... to the point that I could hardly breathe at times between the laughs... Of course there was way more than just comedy to Maz's show. I truly enjoyed it and would watch it again and again. He talks about life in present-day America as a husband, a father and an immigrant. I found truth in this show, as well as irony, hope and of course comedy! He brings everyone together in this show, including non-immigrants. If you have Netflix, don't miss this!

Reviewed by eymenkurdoglu 10 / 10 / 10


You'll understand the meaning of second hand embarrassment if you watch this.

Reviewed by SaMohebi 10 / 10 / 10

Best Writing of Maz Jobrani

I just watched the show with my Estonian friend that knew nothing about Iran or Iranian people and political issues. We both very enjoyed the show and laugh so much that our neighbors from downstairs came and warned us to be quiet :) I actually saw another's show of Maz before but as I saw my friend react so much to his show was something very interesting. If you have Netflix it is one of the recommendations for you.

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