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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rabbitmoon 1 / 10 / 10

Complete waste of time, money and effort

Oh look! Another rubbish film where the only 8*+ reviews are from people who have mysteriously ONLY reviewed this one, rubbish film! How tragic that the producers need to rely on fake, shill reviews to try and market their naff film, hoping you get conned and waste your time.

Reviewed by spookyrat1 1 / 10 / 10


A variation of the invisible friend/ghost advising the protagonist, Me and My Left Brain is just terrible. Unfunny banal dialogue combined with a thoroughly annoyingly unlikeable "gentleman hero" and a woefully inappropriate jazz band soundtrack (why for goodness sake?) make this intended Aussie comedy an ordeal to sit through. I generously awarded a 2 purely on the basis of a couple of attractive female leads and some nice urban locations, that intermittently pop up. Best avoided however and easy to see why it avoided any critics' screenings.

Reviewed by holywatermelon 1 / 10 / 10

Utterly unlikeable

Rachael Beck was as good as ever. The rest was incredible in how awkwardly, uncomfortably bad it was from start to finish. All other actors seem to struggle to deliver their lines in a way that would suggest any comfort with spoken dialogue. The story was trite to the extreme, the pay off was painfully unsatisfying, the leftbrain character had pretty much no value or impact on anything. Perhaps the most embarrassing part is the stench of self satisfaction across all the writing, as if Mr Lykos thought he was so so so very clever and nuanced in his hamfisted and meatheaded writing. Atrocious.

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