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Jim Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik
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Renée Zellweger as Lexie Littleton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avrumeleh 10 / 10 / 10

If you want a laugh, you'd get it here

This movie a real surprise. Its commitment to getting the viewer to laugh was relentless and, for me, successful. IMHO Jim Carey can be a bit much in some films, but here, he shines. He's over the top to be sure, but in such an artful way...such an intensely talented way...that his greatness as an American comedic actor oozes. He gives quite a show in so many different ways in this one movie. Renée Zellweger is wonderful as well. Her acting is a perfect balance to the zaniness of the film's story line. Her facial expressions throughout the film are subtly perfect and the viewer ought to pay attention to them. The rest of the cast, from Carey's character(s)'s three black sons, to the albino, to the midget and to the criminals and law enforcement agents compliment Jim Carey and Ms. Zellweger without pause. Watch it and enjoy this hilarious, offbeat comedy.

Reviewed by EBJ 8 / 10 / 10

Very funny movie and arguably one of Carrey's better performances

Overall: Honestly this is up there with some of Jim Carrey's better performances and a must but for me on Blu Ray. Some will not enjoy this movie due to it's humor and the fact that its main point of humor is Split Personality disorder which may offend some people. Nevertheless, I think this is a great movie and would highly recommend it. Good: Hilarious and entertaining from the offset and throughout. Each character is likable and unlikable when they need to be to help the plot progress and change the viewers feelings towards them. The acting is superb for all the characters as is the overall cinematography . Bad: The overall villain is not that interesting and quite weak to be honest. He didn't really have much, if any, purpose other than to score a pretty forgettable climax. The actual plot is never properly cleared up or actually explained but his is probably glossed over because who really watches a comedy movie for the though provoking and moving story. The music isn't the best and feels quite lazy at some points. Best Part: The fight scene between Jim Carrey and.... himself! 8/10

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 8 / 10 / 10

Gloriously unapologetic

Probably the most ridiculous outing the Farrelly brothers have ever taken us on, Me Myself & Irene cares not a whiff who it offends, how many eyes are rolled or how badly the scales of humour are tipped, or rather yanked, in the direction of extremely bad taste. With the exception of Stuck On You where they played it safe, every dirty little flick in their career is a testament to the utmost raunch in film, the very definition of lowbrow humour and never not flat out totally hilarious. Obesity, dates gone wrong, Amish people, conjoined twins, bowling, physical disability, they've tackled every scatological venture you could dream up. This time it's mental illness, in a completely unapologetic depiction that will leave most people red faced, either from fuming or laughing their [email protected] off. Jim Carrey plays Charlie, a meek little puss who spends one day with his newlywed bride, before she's whisked away by a black midget played by Tony Cox, who gets all the black midget roles, that little bast$&rd. Charlie has a knack for never standing up for himself, and letting anyone walk all over him. He's a Rhode Island State Trooper with no balls to back up his badge, and is pretty much the laughingstock of the town. All this bottles up and reaches a boiling point, resulting in a classic Carrey meltdown of rubbery expressions and spastic guttural incantations. Emerging from the mess is Hank, Charlie's abrasive, dysfunctional and borderline psychotic alter ego, a result of what the film imagines multiple personality disorder just must be like. Hank causes all hell, and the first time he shows up is the funniest bit in the film, an extended montage of hair raising antics that oddly seems to sum up the Farrely's career. Charlie/Hank then get caught up in some intrigue involving beautiful Renee Zellweger, back when she was still Renee Zelweger. The scattershot story is just a playground for Carrey though, and this is some of the edgiest R rated mayhem he's ever caused, guaranteed to arch the backs of some of the more, shall we say... *sensitive* folks we have to deal with running around these days. Charlie has three loudmouth black sons that were dumped in his lap, and they've now grown into profane geniuses who love their pops to bits, and it's here the film finds its only bit of heart amidst the crass vulgarity. The baddies are the classic slimy Farrely cretins, a dirty cop played by Chris Cooper, and an unsavory golf club owner (Daniel Greene). Robert Forster makes a welcome appearance as Charlie's Trooper boss, and keep a look out for Anthony Anderson, Cam 'Sea Bass' Neely, Richard Tyson, Lenny Clarke, and the always hilarious Richard Jenkins. Like I said, this is likely the lowest rung of the ladder in everyone's career, but it's a splendidly offensive, colorfully trashy piece of gross out bliss, and definitely the dirtiest of the Carrely team ups. Where else can you see Jim stare a five your old kid down and growl "What are you staring at, f$&ker?"

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