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Reviewed by super-joey 5 / 10 / 10

The best summary I can provide is the word, "Eh."

Mean Girls 2 is a mixed bag. There were some good ideas but they were rarely presented in an effective way. Let me break it down for you... THE ACTING... 1- Jennifer Stone... I'm not into "Wizards of Waverly Place" so I was pleasantly surprised by how likable she was. And her comic timing was as good as a seasoned pro. Frankly, they should have cast her in the lead. She could have carried the movie and kept the audience more engaged. 2- Meaghan Martin, as the lead protagonist, was a disappointment for me. Her facial expressions and line delivery often made her sound snotty, even in scenes where she was supposed to be friendly! Sometimes she accidentally came off as looking or sounding stuck-up. I think they should have cast her as one of the mean girls. She did not have me rooting for her as much as I should have. That's a BIG negative in a movie like this. 3- Maiara Walsh played the head of the "plastics" and thus is the top mean girl. (If you're over 21, take a shot of whiskey every time she wears a strapless dress in this movie. You'll be sloppy drunk before the halfway point.) She definitely played the part of a spoiled brat very well. Though something about the shape of her face and eyes made her appear softer than the part required. Maybe she and Meaghan Martin should have switched roles? The rest of the acting was good, in that "cute" sort of way. Nothing to stand up and cheer about but nothing to hurt the movie either. THE REVENGE FACTOR... Many pranks are played on the snobs. One of them gets vomited on. Another gets her face dyed green. Etc. But somehow the scenes don't work very well. Maybe because the characters don't seem properly humiliated by the pranks. I mean, your face is dyed green and you're reacting like it's only a minor inconvenience? She's more concerned about getting a ride to school than with what the other students are going to say about her green face! Thus the prank falls flat. Yet we're told it was a success. And the girl who gets vomited on (I won't say who gets it) reacts the way you'd expect... she's grossed out! But there's not a lot of laughter or even any comments from the crowd that witnesses it. People should at least be going, "Ewww" and pointing. If you're going to pay a bunch of teenagers to be extras in a movie, make them earn it! Tell them to REACT. Getting vomited on at a crowded party should have some lasting social ramifications. In this movie, however, one gets the feeling that everyone will forget about it after a few seconds. The final comeuppance (which I won't give away) works to a certain degree. At least justice is served. Unfortunately it seems to come too easy and feels clichéd. I recalled similar endings in other movies ("Cruel Intentions," to name just one.) THE HUMOR... Most of the comedy in Mean Girls 2 is "cute humor"... It's never hilarious. Rarely will you laugh out loud. Mostly you will just smile. I think some of the comedy was probably funny on paper but something always spoils it. Sometimes it's poor timing. Sometimes it's an over emphasis on cuteness. Often it's because the tone is simply too over-the-top to feel like any of this is happening to real people. To be fair, the original movie had the same problem. I just don't buy into the notion that 3 girls could have an entire student body shaking in their boots. Simply portraying the mean girls as bullying snobs would be fine. That would work. Why do movies like this always feel the need to go over-the-top and make the mean girls out to be more feared than the Nazi Party in 1938 Germany? It doesn't increase the comedy. It just feels corny. CONCLUSION: This movie will have many haters. The title "Mean Girls 2" will generate enough curiosity that many people will watch it. But those who loved the original will probably hate this sequel automatically. And those who don't care about the original won't care about this one either. Having said all that, it's really not a bad movie. There are some good ideas... They're just presented in a very mediocre way. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I'm just, "eh" about the whole thing. And I suspect the director was too. She did a great job with the film, "She Gets What She Wants" but seemed to lack that same spark here. I wanted to have fun but found myself constantly saying, "Oh if only they had done it THIS way or THAT way, it would be way better."

Reviewed by Marter2 1 / 10 / 10

Not close to the original, not close at all

When films are released as straight-to-video, expectations are generally lowered. This becomes very difficult when the film is released as a sequel to a film that was already incredibly popular years ago. This is the case with "Mean Girls 2", the follow-up to 2004's "Mean Girls". Yet again, the story focuses on a high school student moving to a new school. This time, the girl's name is Jo Mitchell (Meaghan Jette Martin), and she's a bit of a loner, so she tells us with her opening voice-over. She is welcomed to the school by Abby (Jennifer Stone), a girl who we can quickly acknowledge as the often bullied girl. She's one of those unpopular students, the ones that the 'cool' people wouldn't be caught dead with. Naturally, Jo befriends her. She has good reason to though, Abby's father pays her. No really, he offers her $50 000 to be Abby's friend for the rest of the year. Although this isn't why Jo does this, she ends accepting the money. Jo wants to go to college after all, and her father's business isn't going as well as it used to. She needs to accept the money, otherwise she'll have to go to a college close to home, and that just wouldn't do. Back at school, Abby's life, and by extension, Jo's own, is beginning to take a turn for the worst. "The Plastics" are back, reincarnated for the newer generation. They are led by Mandi (Maiara Walsh), a girl so incredibly evil that she marks the top of her "i" with a heart instead of the usual dot. That's not exactly fair, Mandi and her group is fairly mean, even going so far as to destroy the motor of the car her father was fixing up. Jo swears revenge upon the new group of evil popular students, and that's what the rest of the film centers on. Over the course of "Mean Girls 2", many jokes from the original are re-hashed, usually far less effectively than before, and the plot takes almost the same path that it took in "Mean Girls". Things do happen differently, but the end result is just about exactly the same. The thing is, we don't care at all about any of the characters involved. In "Mean Girls", we got significant depth into Cady, and we wanted to see her take the Plastics down. In this one, Jo acts just as, if not more, evil as they do, and when things turn around upon her, we can't feel sorry for her, as the film seems to want us to. Even near the beginning, when she is clearly fighting back against the Plastics, she is still deceiving her "friend" by taking the money from Abby's father. If there was one main problem that "Mean Girls" had, it was that it felt like the events happening within it were just a bit too far-fetched to actually be happening. I'm sure some of it could and does happen in school, but sometimes it just seemed too unbelievable. In "Mean Girls" 2, almost all of the major plot events are like this. For example, do you really think people would paintball someone's car? How about gluing the seat of someone's moped so that they become stuck to it? What's worse, the Plastics in this film have even less reason to make Abby and Jo's lives miserable. For Abby, they don't like her before the film begins, and it's just because Abby is richer than Mandi. For ruining Jo's life, it seems to be based purely on jealousy, even if Mandi stays popular even after Jo appears at the school. The so-called jealousy doesn't even have much backing behind it, let alone letting it drive an entire character throughout the story. Okay, so it has got a weak plot with weak characters, at least it has a humorous script, right? Nope. It doesn't, sorry. It has a couple of moments that will give you a chuckle, but for the most part, no, it just isn't that funny. The funniest parts, for me at least, were when the lower budget really came through in the filmmaking. Definitely showing the lower budget were the actors hired. The main cast, Jo, Abby and Mandi, are all former Disney stars. This doesn't bode well for them to begin with, and we begin to notice in a feature-length film that they aren't the greatest actors in the world. They're not terrible, no, but they have about as emotional a performance as a brick wall. Yes, if allow paint to drip down it, you can make it look like it's crying, and that's about how the actors in the film felt like. For all the complaining about the film I've done, I can't say that the film was a complete waste. For some reason, I didn't absolutely hate it. It stayed somewhat entertaining throughout, maybe for the "so bad it's good" factor, I'm not really sure. Maybe I kept hoping that it would improve, even if it did keep getting worse as the film progressed. There were some humorous parts, and the story does at least have enough twists in it that if you haven't seen "Mean Girls", you'll be surprised by them. Basically, there isn't any reason to see "Mean Girls 2", because "Mean Girls" still exists. The characters have little depth and almost no motivation, the story isn't surprising if you've seen the original, and most of the jokes are replays of the ones seen in the first film. The acting isn't all that good, and while it was nice to see some Disney stars taking on more mature and realistic roles, the film didn't feel at all believable, as the entire drama of high school felt way too over- the-top. There isn't much reason for this film to exist, except cash-in on the "Mean Girls" name. Don't let it draw you in.

Reviewed by leviwarfel 1 / 10 / 10

Spoiler alert, and also, this movie was horrible.

Mean Girls 2 would have been so much better if it wasn't up against Mean Girls. I mean if it was called something else, it might have maybe been an okay movie. But when you stack it against Mean Girls, and have the expectations so high of course it's not going to be good. It had nothing to do with the original Mean Girls, I was so mad that they would use the Mean Girls title. And especially because half the actors in the movie were from freaking Disney Channel? Like really? I hated it. I honestly wouldn't even watch it again. I can't believe the creators of Mean Girls would let this happen. I'm so utterly disappointed. I mean they didn't even keep the same track as the original. At the end of the original, they were all friends - which showed that no matter what people go through they can still be friends. In the new one, the character portrayed as Regina George goes to JAIL - WHAT EVEN!? It was so unrealistic, I wanted to just walk away. Mean Girls is one of those movies that you just DON'T re-do. Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams MADE Mean Girls what it was. And to make the "2" full of Disney Channel characters, made it so much worse. The acting was so tacky, and it wasn't even funny! The original was HILARIOUS. People still make jokes with the quotes, and MG2 had ZERO quotes. It was just so poorly made. And I love how the person who played Abby was a millionaire, yet she wore T-shirts? The movie was so horrible, don't even watch it.

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