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Reviewed by kaneeddy 7 / 10 / 10

A good adaptation of the William Shakespeare play

Measure for Measure does a lot of things right, starting with very good performance's from the whole cast especially Hugo Weaving, Harrison Gilbertson and Megan Hajjar, who all add a lot of emotion and put a large amount of passion in the film and it most definitely reflects well with their performances. The writing for the most part is well done, and you can definitely respect the talent of writers, Paul Ireland and Damian Hill for condensing a 4 hour Shakespeare play into a 2 hour adaptation with its own unique spin. The whole decision of making the film have an Australian underbelly, featuring two opposing gangs was unique and in that you get to explore the nitty gritty side of Melbourne at times which is very interesting to see. The shots of the city landscape during the film are also well done and at times can feel like a love letter to Melbourne. This film is not perfect however, and I think some of it has to come from the source material, there are elements to the film that seem very sappy and cheesy at some points. Also the opening scene has some themes that make the film very intense and adds some serious weight whilst also speaking on some issues that Australia has faced when it comes to Crystal Meth, then it takes a complete 180 and becomes a love story for a good portion of the film which makes it hard to adjust to these differences. The film takes a good amount of time to find its footing, however once it did the film became very enjoyable to watch. Overall I had a good time with Measure for Measure and it was an excellent experience to see this at the Brisbane International Film Festival and go to a Q & A with Director Paul Ireland, I just wish it had found a more harmonic balance between the gang and romantic themes in the story, especially in the beginning of the film.

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