Meeting Evil

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Leslie Bibb as Desiree
Luke Wilson as Delinko
Peyton List as Molly
Samuel L. Jackson as Lorenzo Council
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NozinAroun81 7 / 10 / 10

Not A Bad Ride

IMDb have provided a blurb so I'll just give you my opinion. I only review movies if no one else has done one yet. Meeting Evil could be very vaguely described as "Changing Lanes with more carnage". I'm not sure why this film went straight-to-DVD. It's probably because the plot is a tad all over the place. Sometimes it's hard to understand Luke's actions and Sam's intentions. Some viewers may find this frustrating while others will simply consider it to be part of the fun. On the plus side, it's quite fast paced. You're barely 5 minutes into it before Sam pounds on Luke's front door and the thrills begin. Sam Jackson is quite clearly having a field day as the full-blown psycho who despises people with a lack of common courtesy. Luke plays the hero/victim and his character isn't exactly likable, but hopefully you'll be able to relate to him in some small way. He claims to be a nice guy and he's obviously accustomed to people treating him like a doormat. He's cheating on his wife... but then again she's cheating on him too. By the end of the film I still wasn't sure which one of them cheated first. They might've explained it when I tuned out for several seconds. I'd never heard of Leslie Bibb who portrays the no-nonsense wife and she gave a good performance so she's officially on my radar now. I originally intended on giving this film 6 stars but when I think about it, I found myself empathising with Luke's character and hoping that either Luke or Leslie would lay their vengeance upon Sam at the climax. On that level it worked for me but if anything, that's just a testament to Sam's performance. If you're in the mood for a thriller and you can't find anything that tickles your fancy, you might as well let Sam Jackson take you for a ride. Let's face it, he RARELY steers us in the wrong direction. It also helps if you consider yourself to be a fan of Luke Wilson. If you hate him, you'll probably find this film to be average at best. I very much doubt it will change your opinion of him as an actor or a human being. Countless actor's could've played that role... but they didn't... he did... and he did a good job.

Reviewed by mork_blasphemy 4 / 10 / 10

Great move for a Sunday Night

I just knew that this movie went straight to DVD and I sure can't understand why!!I saw some reviews that were saying that they didn't understand what was going on as being a bad thing,well in this case it wasn't cause it was the purpose of the movie,it was to make you wonder what was going on,and put your imagination to work. The acting was very very good,there were no weak actors ,the plot was brilliant in my opinion and the ending was also very good,leaving space to the watcher to take its own conclusions despite the one given by the story itself!! This movie kept me watching really wanting to know what was gonna happen next and it was extremely entretaining,which is what i look for in movies!! (Don't think bad of the review cause there are a few mistakes in it,English is not my first language)!!

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10 / 10

Weird and Inconclusive Movie

The real estate agent John (Luke Wilson) is down on his luck: he has been just fired from his job; his home has been sent into foreclosure; and his marriage is going downhill. On his birthday, his wife Joanie (Leslie Bibb) has an argument with him and she takes their children for walking. Out of the blue, the stranger Richie (Samule L. Jackson) knocks on his front door and asks for help, since his car is not starting. John helps to push the car but hurts his leg, and Richie offers to take him to the hospital. Richie is inconvenient and along their journey, John realizes that the man is a psychopath killer that commits a spree killing everywhere they go. Then, Richie releases John on the road and tells him that he will pay a visit to Joanie and his children. Meanwhile, the police detectives Frank (Muse Watson) and his partner Latisha Rogers (Tracie Thoms) suspect that John is the serial-killer and they pressure Joanie to tell where John might be. Further, they discover that John and Joanie are cheating each other with a colleague and with a worker respectively. "Meeting Evil" is a weird and inconclusive movie with non-likable and non-charismatic characters. When Richie appears, there is a scene where he is ready to shot John and sees a blonde girl; then he gives up of his intention. In this moment, I thought that he could be evil and the girl an angel, but I was completely wrong. The two police detectives are stupid morons with their aggressive attitude and ridiculous conclusion. John is a looser and cheats his wife; Joanie also cheats him with the pool guy. The open conclusion, when the viewer does not know whether Joanie has hired Richie or not, is also stupid since there is no clue along the movie for a deduction. And the film is a typical Hollywoodian production with the usual stereotypical. My vote is four. Title (Brazil): "Encontro Maligno" ("Malign Encounter")

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