Mekhong Full Moon Party


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mryentafo 10 / 10 / 10

Packed premier

I was lucky enough to be at the world premier of Mekhong Full Moon Party in Vancouver. The director and producer were there and joked that the reason the theatre was packed was because most people thought it was a movie about the famous full moon parties held on the beaches of Thailand! He invited those disappointed that it's not about this to exit the theatre, he won't be insulted LOL! Well, this movie had a lot of charm, as well as laughs and some sad moments too. There is some really beautiful cinematography when they show the river at night when it's raining, and also when the fire balls come shooting out of the water. I've seen at least 30-40 Thai movies, and this one is my favourite. It deals with a rather serious matter in the publics faith in religion, and at the same time keeping it light in true Thai fashion.

Reviewed by pokpong999 8 / 10 / 10

One of the best films focusing on the Naga-Full Moon event

Mekong Full Moon Party focuses on the mysterical event on the Nong Khai province of Thailand on every October, where unidentified fireballs pops up from the Mekong River. To the locals, it is believed to be the fireball made from naga, a holy creature in Buddhism; while to the scientists/modernists, it is done by the force of nature. The movie is well-researched, focusing on different arguments from different sides. However, one thing that makes the movie less realistic/lack the originality is the leading character is not from the Northeast of Thailand and lack the skills of speaking from the Issan or Lao accent. To the Thai, this is a big flaw, but to the non-Thais this might not be the case. But to conclude, it is one of the best films focusing on this event. Beautifully made!

Reviewed by greenpc 8 / 10 / 10

All the charm of Local Hero

This film came out at a time when there was much public controversy in Thailand over the nature of the fireballs. It was in the papers for several years, with arguments spanning the range of beliefs. This is a film for anyone who wants to come to a better understanding of the facets of Thailand and Laos. It places the views of shamanism, Buddhism, and modern rationality gracefully together in a manner that informs while it entertains. The film work is interesting, moving between set piece work to "live" shooting, keeping elements of documentary interspersed with a human storyline, in keeping with the ongoing controversy at the time. The characters are well developed, if a bit stock - the returning native, the girl left behind, the big city doctor come to the countryside - but this doesn't distract. Rather, it provides common reference points for we foreigners to hold onto. (And there's an extremely good line from the elder monk, but I won't give that away). The overall effect is much one of engagement, as in Local Hero or other such films that take you somewhere "different". And Nong Kai is "different".

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