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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mstr_bateman 7 / 10 / 10

Dark and charming at the same time - interesting mix

This unemployed typical japanese shy guy starts working at a neighborhood bathhouse, after running into an old female classmate there. Turns out the place also serves as a yakuza killhouse at night. From here on we get an interesting combination of something reminiscent of the TV show Dexter and a romance/comedy. While the subject matters is a little dark, it's quite a mellow and warm movie and the characters are all quite likeable. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by neunomad / 10

An ecclectic mix of genres may surprise you

Last night I went to the Japanese Film Festival and saw this one on the big screen. The movie is every bit as quirky and oddball as the blurb makes it sound - a university graduate, Kazuhiko, lives with his parents and is suffering from a bad case of ennui. He finds part-time employment in the local bathhouse, which he soon discovers is used by Yakuza for executions. He becomes entangled in disposing of the bodies, whilst at the same time finding an opportunity for love with a former classmate (who happens to be equally as oddball as Kazuhiko). It sounds like it should be overly dark, but it's actually quite light and somewhat whimsical in a Japanesey way. The movie turns out to be a strange mix of coming of age tale and crime thriller. There is violence, but it is not the main attraction here, and is not overdone or gory. What the film is concerned with is why we are driven to do what we do in life. Why is Kazuhiko so fascinated with gangland executions? Why is he so eager to be useful in this new line of work? Why has he done nothing with this life since graduating from Tokyo University (which means a lot in Japan)? Why is this or that person being killed by the yakuza? If you're interested in that kind of inner-dialogue, AND you don't mind something out of the ordinary, give this movie a chance. In my screening there was definitely a handful of people that were not 'getting it' and were confused by the movie. I think they had expectations that were not fulfilled, and this movie does the opposite, it gives you what you don't expect. A bit like life.

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