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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crossbow0106 10 / 10 / 10


This film will just blow you away! While I would say it was fairly sad at times, and you'll shake your head at the life choices the lead character made, the film will stay with you. It definitely has tearjerker moments, major ones. The acting is uniformly superb. I originally knew about the film through this site, because I am very impressed with the acting of Asuka Kurosawa ("A Snake Of June") and wanted to see her in a film in which you actually see her in her beauty (She boldly works in horror films, sometimes with distorted features, like "Kirie" and "Dead Waves"). She looks gorgeous in this film, but so does the title character. Like many films with a female name in them (think Leslie Caron, Audrey Hepburn), you'll fall in love, commiserate, get angry with and, ultimately, forgive her flaws. Is it perfect? No, it isn't. The rating of 10 stars has to do with the effect it had on me. It'll just stay with you. Thank goodness this wasn't an American film, it would have been sanitized and "fairy taled" to the point of manifesting ad nauseum. Its sad, you might cry, but you'll love it.

Reviewed by alex-1886 10 / 10 / 10

Funny, Sad and Beautiful

I'm giving this one a spoiler alert because if you don't know the story line and can't speak Japanese, you may be very surprised by this movie, particularly if you've seen the director's previous work "Shimotsuma Monogatari". So don't read too much further if you'd rather be surprised. I went to see this movie in Tokyo (Roppongi Hills Cinema) with a Japanese friend on my birthday. I had seen Shimotsuma Monogatari both in Japanese and with English subtitles and enjoyed it immensely. I didn't know anything at all about Kiraware Matsuko no Issho except that it was by the same director but agreed to go see it based on my expectation that it would be similarly colorful, charming and full of fun unexpected bits. In this I was not disappointed. The movie tells the story of Matsuko, the mysterious and recently deceased occupant of a rather shabby apartment which is to be cleaned by a young man, through whose eyes we see the movie. This young man is tasked by his father to clean an apartment and as he begins to discover the personal effects of the now dead occupant, he becomes entangled in an effort to piece together the details of her complex and sordid life. If you've seen the movie Amelie, you might recognize some influences from it in this movie. The director favors saturated colors, time-shifting and the occasional surreal mixing of the literal world with the metaphorical or symbolic. I personally enjoyed these storytelling devices as well as the pacing and almost "Memento" like revelation of the character of Matsuko and her relationships with the other characters in the movie. The reason I checked the spoiler box on this comment was because I went to the movie expecting something light and fun with an uplifting ending like Shimotsuma Monogatari but was shocked to discover how incredibly sad and depressing this movie turned out to be. While the visual language and storytelling devices were very colorful and fun, the actual story of Matsuko's life is a tragedy of epic proportions, a modern day tribulation both frightening in its graphic portrayal and disturbing in its plausibility. It's a story of the excesses of achieving success, the futility of searching for stability and the emptiness of hoping for happiness. Matsuko is not so much a character as a symbolic punching bag representing the state of modern Japanese femininity. Watching this movie broke my heart and I (a 38 year old man) cried for two days following it. If you're going to see this movie (and I recommend you do), be prepared to be moved by it. You won't need to understand Japanese to get what's happening (though you might miss a few of the jokes here and there) so don't let the language prevent you from experiencing the most depressing comedy you're likely to ever see.

Reviewed by maurazos 10 / 10 / 10

Impressive tragicomedy

It is a real tragicomedy! This film is about cruel facts, but under a musical comedy appearance. It is a movie that made me cry, as if I still were 15 years old. And I cried because what is told in the film can happen... And unfortunately it actually happens everywhere and everyday. It is a film that has made me believe again in the Japanese cinema. In this movie I have seen a Kenji Mizoguchi's spirit revival, because of the way it describes the life of a woman who is mistreated by everybody and whose life is irremediably ruined. Doesn't this story remember Mizoguchi's "Oyu-sama"? I also saw some Akira Kurosawa's influences, like the colorful shanty dwelling Matsuko lives in during the last years of her sad existence: aren't they close to the ones Kurosawa showed in "Dodeskaden"? According to my point of view, this is the best Japanese film of this still young 21st century.

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