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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviegeek43 4 / 10 / 10

Subpar technical aspects diminish above average acting.

This movie had a promising premise where a man searches for ways to make things right. He owes money to people he should not owe money to, etc. It had all the makings for a great indie darling. The technical aspects of this film hinder it from me recommending it. Nathen Burch directs this movie and based on his IMDB, this is his directorial debut. It started off strong with above average camera movements and inspired cinematography. James Yaw does multiple duty as the writer and lead actor of the piece. I commend him for tackling such an important subject as suicide. Ocho steals the movie as Angel Diaz, and I can't wait to see what he does next. Jessica Martin turns in a great performance as Gwen with her strongest scene being at the end. Sound was the final nail in this coffin as well as it being the red-headed step child of indie film. A lot of lines were not heard and part of the emotion was lost. I, myself, a filmmaker who has dealt with sound issues all the time, can understand, however a lot of the problems with sound have easy fixes.

Reviewed by gretanasuccess 10 / 10 / 10

Emotions everywhere

I don't understand those people who have left poor reviews for this movie. This is a heart telling story. This movie is based on true story. If you don't like the movie then you don't have feelings. You don't know what is living with depression. The struggles in the life of this man is very compelling. I felt sorry for the actor because life it's not fair for some of us. If you are to watch the movie be ready for a roller coaster of emotions. Have an open mind and enjoy the movie. Reflect on your life and how lucky you are to be with your family. Great job to the people involved in the creation of this movie. Love to see new talent on movies that are told from the heart.

Reviewed by el_serio-91210 10 / 10 / 10


What a powerful story. I was not expecting the ending. The story makes this movie more than just a popcorn movie. This movie will make you think of what is the meaning of your life. This movie will teach you to open your eyes and live your life as best as you. I recommend this movie and watch it with an open and clear heart.

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