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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eric262003 8 / 10 / 10

A Quirky Comedy With Engaging Characters

Not to say that this movie is a rarely talked about movie, but an underrated chick flick. "Mermaids" tells the story of an upbeat mother named Rachel Flax (Cher) who after every failed relationship she moves to another state along with her two daughters Charlotte and Kate (Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci)and finally settles down in a small town in Massachusetts and finds herself in a relationship with a shoe-salesman named Lou Landsky (Bob Hoskins). However, she's fearful of commitment and the struggles to accept this man to be in relationship is a fear she must overcome. Meanwhile her oldest daughter Charlotte wants to become a nun (although she happens to be Jewish and not Catholic) is also smitten for an attractive older school bus driver Joseph Porretti (Michael Schoeffling). Her youngest daughter is obsessed with water and the ocean and has a future planned to peruse a career in the aquatics (she has already won several awards for her accomplishments). The characters are so rich and it should be thanked to the great performances by the cast who made it all possible. It seems that the performers were custom made to fit his and her respected roles, though several of the major stars were not the original choices for these parts. The director of the movie was Richard Benjamin who was hired after Lasse Hallstrom and Frank Oz were given the ax by the star Cher. For the part of Charlotte Flax, British thespian Emily Lloyd was slated but she was let go because they wanted a character that had some physical resemblance to Cher and so Ryder became her replacement (she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress). To me it was a perfect match. Though she's been snickered and jabbed at by the media, but I think she's a very good performer and she has never once turned in a performance that made me want to put a bag over my face. Rachel Flax reminds me a lot of my own mother. She's light-spirited, spontaneous and just the right person to visit for a tuna sandwich and lemonade. A bit of a philanderer, but that soon changes once Lou wants to be in a committed relationship with her. The story caters through the eyes of the eldest daughter; Charlotte who seems obsessed with everything that is Catholic and at the same time cannot keep her mind off of Joseph. She does not want to end up inheriting any of her mother's unorthodox traits, while at time feels obligated to take up that task of second mother to her much younger sister Kate. Charlotte's trials and tribulations add the right touch of humour and pathos that flow by very immaculately as the film carries through. Based on a novel by Patty Dunn, "Mermaids" has an equally amount of laughter and choices the right time when serious issues come into fruition. The chemistry between Cher and Hoskins are just as equally engaging as the chemistry between Ryder and Schoeffling. The direction was simple and easy to follow and the feeling of the 1960's plays along very nice with a great soundtrack, this is a romantic comedy that isn't sappy or preachy, just a lot of fun and chuckles that will amuse you in the 1:50 minute duration.

Reviewed by budmassey 7 / 10 / 10

A magic potion!

A delightful period piece set appropriately in 1963. Appropriate because Charlotte (Wynona Ryder), like the nation, is about to shed a little of her innocence and face some difficult realities. Cher, Ryder and an adorably young Christina Ricci are perfect as a single parent family. Cher, in her best work ever, including Moonstruck, is a free-spirited mom who only cooks finger food because anything else is too much of a commitment. Ryder, who narrates the film from her character's perspective, is a high school student who, despite her fervent wish to lead a devout life, falls in love with the local handyman. Ricci is the youngest, a champion swimmer who steals the whole movie with scenes like her pumpkin scene. (Watch it and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's unforgettable.) Bob Hoskins is hilarious as the shoe salesman who falls head over heels for Cher, family and all. Set in coastal Massachusetts, the scenery is breathtaking, and the idyllic depiction of life in a small town in the last days of American innocence is dead on. Director Richard Benjamin, who also gave us such charming films as Milk Money and My Stepmother is an Alien, rivals Penny Marshall and Rob Reiner with this gem. This film is perfection, an absolute 10. It's a magic potion that can make me laugh and feel good even on the worst day. I sometimes wish I could step inside a la Pleasantville and stay there.

Reviewed by TheAnimalMother 7 / 10 / 10

A Delightful Little Film

I've seen this film a number of times, and I always enjoy it. What stands out most about this film is the acting, and the overall feel of the film. It feels tremendously authentic to its time and subjects. The acting is very good throughout, and the movie is just a very fun, and very human story. One that is easy for almost anyone to relate to in some way. There are a number of great performances in this film. Winona Ryder plays one of her most interesting characters, and she pulls it off very well. Bob Hoskins is very strong and enjoyable as usual. Personally I have always loved Cher's acting. I can't say I'm a huge fan of her music, but I've always had some respect for her there too. However her acting has always been very strong in my opinion. I know she has been nominated for multiple Oscars and even won one for Moonstruck. However I still think her acting is somewhat underrated by most people. (And she also gave Nick Cage his first huge break after demanding that the studios cast Cage opposite her in Moonstruck. Cage was thought to be somewhat of a risky bet back in those days, and Cher basically made the major studios take the chance with him. Which I find somewhat funny, and also very Cher like.). Cher also had the original director of this film, and the girl who was originally cast in Winona's part fired. So Winona fans also have Cher to thank for her even being in this film. It's hard to criticize Cher for getting rid of these originals either, seeing as how well the film turned out with the people she approved. She is a very strong minded and hearted woman in my view, and if you take a look at Silkwood, Mask, Moonstruck, and this nice little film. You will undoubtedly also see that this woman can flat out act. She has some other decent films as well. Anyway, all in all, I highly recommend Mermaids to anyone that likes character driven film. And basically to any teen, male or female. It is basically a coming of age story in terms of Winona's character, and even for Cher and Hoskins characters to some degree too. :) And there is a lot to relate to in terms of the parent/child relationship, especially the single parent. Those with Attention Deficit Disorder , or those who get bored easy may not get into it however. :) I gave this film a 7, but I'm a pretty strict rater, and this film is a very solid 7 in my opinion. In fact, I'd give it a 7.5 if I could. 7.5/10

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