Merry Matrimony


Comedy / Romance

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December 27, 2020



Christopher Russell as Eddie Chapman
Jennifer Gibson as Isabella Elias
Jessica Lowndes as Brie Traverston
Siobhan Murphy as Julie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rise22 1 / 10 / 10

No chemistry whatsoever

I watch a lot of the holiday movies (Hallmark, especially) and this one just wasn't up to their usual pinnacle. It had some really, really BAD, did he STEAL that bottle of champagne before they went on the carriage ride? No scene showing that he paid for it.... AND, these people never communicated - not for seven years!!! Why would anyone think they'd start now? The actors did not create a feeling of love between themselves - they were like two people going in different directions - which is why they didn't get together in the FIRST PLACE - and guess what? NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I would not bother wasting my time on this one, as there are others out there much more in line with the Spirit of the Season, as well as making people believe in love and hope.

Reviewed by kissthecooks1 2 / 10 / 10

Horrible Acting

I suffered through this movie twice, because I missed most of the first hour the first time it was on. I really didn't miss much. Where does Hallmark Channel find their actors/actresses? The ones in this movie were horrible, stiff, and the lead actor looked like he was reading cue cards half the time! He made no eye contact with other people in his scenes and was looking off in the distance during most of his time on screen. Hallmark Channel should have given ALL of the performers in this movie free acting lessons. Save yourself two hours of your life and skip this show.

Reviewed by 2jaqueline 2 / 10 / 10

Plastic love story

This movie inspired me to do my first review as it was so bad I had to write about it. While it's undoubtedly the worst rom com I have ever seen (and I've seen quite a few) it does have the perfect combination of poor acting, predictable and cliche writing and most of all insincerity that make for some unintended laughs. The main character Brie is a career (and Christmas)-obsessed woman looking to become a partner in her marketing/advertising company. Of course she has a quirky, less attractive and loyal best friend as a sidekick. In a twist of fate, Brie ends up working together with her photographer ex-boyfriend who she had at one point hoped to marry and well you can guess the rest... Many many rom coms are predictable, and this I don't mind - this is why a lot of people like them, they are dependable when you just want to see a nice little story with a happy ending. But in this movie, it's almost like the characters themselves don't believe this story - my 5-year-old self playing with barbie dolls could've mastered a similar level of acting. And that would probably be more interesting to watch. I feel that this movie is a lesson in bad movies. Random note: I was amused by how the main characters said when they were flower shopping that they can be more creative that having poinsettias for a Christmas wedding photoshoot, and then you see the final scenes where they have filled the set for the photoshoot with...poinsettias. It's like the people who made this movie weren't paying any attention at all.

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