Miami Supercops


Action / Comedy / Crime

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Bud Spencer as Hutch Bessy
Luke Halpin as Leader of the Thieves in the Bus
Michael Warren as (as Mike Warren)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Likable Terence Hill and stocky Bud Spencer team up again as the valiant duo

This amusing film deals with our intimate friends , they're nowadays a FBI agent (blue-eyes and sympathetic Terence Hill) and a helicopter pilot (grumpy and goofy Bud Spencer) , they leave their jobs for becoming again Miami policemen . They must investigate the killing an ex-con who robbed a bank whose loot is hidden , besides some thieves are robbing the buses' passengers . Later on , they will combat the criminals and robbers. The 'big time' duo from Spaghetti Western with humor such as ¨They call me Trinity¨, ¨ Trinity is still my name ¨ and sequels were run out and for that reason they are transfered to police/action genre . They then starred the successful ¨ Miami police series ¨, which belong the followings : ¨Crime Busters¨ , ¨Superfuzz¨ and this one . The movie contains silly comedy , the usual light fights and a little bit of action , including some car pursuits . The humor is based on physical and personality differences of the starring , as Terence Hill is the sympathetic and brave hero and Bud Spencer is the corpulent and hunk man . As always , several humorous struggles with no blood , neither violence . This time the plot is some more complex because being developed a ¨ noir ¨ intrigue in charge of Luciano Vicenzone (Sergio Leone's habitual screenwriter as ¨Good, bad and ugly¨ and ¨ For a few dollars more¨) . Mediocre cinematography and horrible disco-music score by La Bionda . The motion picture was regularly directed by Bruno Corbucci (Sergio Corbucci's brother) . It's the last film that features the couple in the 80's, Spencer & Hill reunited for the last time in 1994 and it's also the last film that the couple did with director Bruno Corbucci . Bruno wrote and directed various Hill-Spencer films such as ¨Banana Joe¨ , ¨Miami Supercops¨ , ¨Par-Impar¨ , ¨Cat and Dog¨ and ¨Aladdin¨ . If you love the Hill/Spencer's other movies , go for it, and if you've never seen one this is an acceptable start ; but only for their enthusiasts . The flick will appeal to famous pair fans.

Reviewed by HrutkaPal 4 / 10 / 10

It's okay, but not the Spencer & Hill standard

Well this movie was made in the mid 80-ies, where this glorious duo began to get older & slower. In this movie (I think the "brawling two" is still working here, but it's not that great as in the earlier years, decades. Here they use guns many times, not something we got used to in the earlier movies. The story isn't really good, sometimes it's not really making sense. *Like the scene with the fingerprints. Why didn't Spencer and Hill take the fingerprints? The bad guy even said he will do it ?! That would've been the proof* And some scenes are pretty trashy. But there are still good jokes, I laughed many times, it's worth a watch, but they had many better movies.(But worse as well, so this is somewhere in between)

Reviewed by richardjp-17225 4 / 10 / 10

A disappointing farewell movie

When I went to see this at the movies in early 1986, I had no clue that it would be the last time I would ever see Bud or Terence together on the big screen ever again. Sadly I was disappointed by this movie. It was very dull and it was missing the trademark fight scenes, which their movies had become so well known for. Instead they mainly used guns to capture crooks and the odd fight scene that there was, were pretty standard fare and over quickly. I guess the fact that Hill was 46 and Bud 56, it was decided to tone down the physical side a bit. The final scene of this movie sees our pairing saying goodbye at the airport and a poignant comment is made about money and friends. The two then do a "bro" handshake and the movie ends. After doing a movie together every one to two years since 1967, perhaps this was their official goodbye moment...

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