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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 8 / 10 / 10

Suspenseful Korean Thriller

A nice surprise, a stellar suspenseful Korean thriller which to me felt a bit American in it's tone, parts reminded me of THE CALLER, PHONE BOOTH and PANIC ROOM... But then I have been seriously slacking when it comes to Asian cinema and have only started getting in to it these past 2 years. If I was to compare it with another Asian movie it would be THE TERROR LIVE (2013) aka DEU TAE-RO RA-I-BEU in it's native tongue, which also was very good, if you like that I'm sure you'll like this and vice versa. Visually very nice and rich colors and more or less perfect angle-shots, and stellar acting all around. Kept me glued to the screen for almost the whole duration despite being forced to keep the volume rather low, so yeah well worth seeing.

Reviewed by Zaman983 8 / 10 / 10

A suspenseful thriller without having gruesome violence of its kind !!

Korean movies are constantly gaining popularity among the cinema lovers in recent times especially if you talk about brutal crime thrillers. Korean thrillers have their popularity for being weird, gruesome, violent but surprisingly natural at the same time. Midnight FM is another addition in that genre. I have watched many Korean thrillers in recent times which are filled with extreme violence and bloods, but Midnight FM seemed to be an exception. Ofcourse, bloods and killings are still there, but you will never feel disturbed or stomach cramp while watching this one, rather pure suspense will keep your neck high. Apart from some other awesome Korean thrillers like The Chaser, I saw the Devil or The Yellow Sea, I can compare this one with the recent release Children(2011) for relying on pure suspense instead of extreme violence or blood. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though I didn't have much expectation. A must watch for all Korean thriller lovers.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 8 / 10 / 10

A well crafted Korean thriller that revolve around late night radio

Okay, so I was in the mood for some good thriller movie from Asia and decided to check this movie out, plus it has Su-Ae in it who is a pretty and yet elegant actress. So I thought it wasn't going to be a big waste of time, in fact by watching the trailer I thought this movie was going to be similar to the movie "P2". Which is another thriller and has a smart female protagonist that uses her wits without going overboard to try and survive the nightmare from a crazy stalker. Anyways I thought it was going to be like that movie. And from the trailer it looked pretty intriguing although nothing much happens in the trailer, which is for the most part a good thing in this case. This movie has suspenseful scenes but unlike "P2" a lot of the parts takes place outside of the building the protagonist resides in. Su-Ae played her role in a very balanced way where it didn't come off like a annoying victim in a movie. Although there are annoying characters in this movie but it's intentional, and yet very annoying, luckily she isn't one of them. Yoo Ji-Tae also does a fine job playing the villain, he always seemed to play the psychotic character pretty well and it's the same for this movie as well. Although this movie is full of incompetent and annoying characters that constantly get in the way, I did like the stalker helping fight another stalker aspect of it. Overall this was a pretty good Korean thriller that is put together really well near the end. 8/10

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