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Reviewed by arodrig6 9 / 10 / 10

OK War Film, Great Documentary?

This film is not an action-packed war film filled with constant loud heroism and stirring speeches. It is, however, a film which gives a good overview of how the battle of 'Midway' unfolded. Fewer explosions, more dialog - almost like a documentary in its pacing and focus. It has a large cast, and thus cannot focus much on character development, instead looking to the events to power the story (again, like a non-biographical documentary). Though the 'goofs' page is filled with anachronisms and inaccuracies (stock footage from the wrong era, using Essex-class ships for Japanese, etc...) the film does get the major 'plot' points down. i.e.: American signal intelligence intercepts revealing the Japanese plan, the sequence of carrier and land attacks, the critical decision(s) to arm and rearm the Japanese attack craft, etc... Overall, this film seems to be one of a lost genre - big-budget semi-documentaries. Similar to 'Tora Tora Tora' or 'The Longest Day'. A large cast of big-name actors, focus on factual retelling of the events.

Reviewed by Tracy Winters 7 / 10 / 10

Yeah, Midway...... you'll stop watching this tripe Midway through the movie

How dumb is this? A war film which tries to copy another war film made 6 years earlier (Tora Tora Tora, 1970). Upchuck Heston is drawn as a god of sorts by director Jack "Hack" Smight. In one scene, Hal Holbrook is standing right in front of Heston, but looks up at Heston like he's looking at a painting on the ceiling. There must have been something about Bob Webber that Heston didn't like because Heston is cold to him whenever they're on screen together -- or maybe Heston just didn't like playing junior to Webber in rank. Newsflash, Upchuck: IT'S A MOVIE, YOU DILDO! Upchuck Heston.... pffft. If you get the chance to watch this navy bugle oil, pull up the gangplank and go full-steam-ahead out to sea.

Reviewed by pcsimonson1651 7 / 10 / 10

Overall, there was good acting in this movie.

Midway is a decent movie filled with great actors, and it follows the actual event during WW2 pretty closely. What kept this movie from being a truly great movie was all the dumb goofs, and bad actual footage of the battle. Someone needs to remake this important movie, but make sure the battle scenes are kept accurate by showing the correct airplanes, and ships of that time. Example: The 5 inch guns turrets , and a battleships main turret guns were not used to shoot down airplanes coming in for attack on a ship.

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