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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samtuesday 1 / 10 / 10

Speechless that this was ever made

Potentially the worst film of this century - hammy acting, a storyline that a Sixth Former could have written in 10 mins, poor lighting (a blue light does not constitute a lighting effect), no set whatsoever, appalling dialogue, no music (was there a sound effect if so, I didn't notice).

Reviewed by enquries_2 2 / 10 / 10

Not good.

Although its 70 minutes of my life I can't get back, I am happy to give my star rating. I can only give it 1/10 - for effort really. My review, is this: If you gave 8 or 10 film students a camera, and asked them to come up with each a different way for an estate agent to kill someone in one room. Then take those rushes, and edit them one after the other into one film. This would be it. There's no character development, no continuing story, no music adding to the atmosphere. Just one way after another on how to kill someone in one room. One after another, after another... after another. That's it. There's nothing notable about the film? Objectively, maybe there's not much of a continuing story, or running plot? Don't know who's fault it is. Maybe they are all learning their craft. Maybe the future? But this one. Sorry, its a no.

Reviewed by theblacklizard 2 / 10 / 10

A more accurate title would be 'millenial wet-dream'

It opens with the boy who plays the girlfriend starting over the top arguments over their joint selfishness. Adds nothing to the title, just stress. Then that boy suddenly becomes the unstoppable hero, no doubt inspired by disney-wars' rey (an equally flat character) while all the men just wail and cry The story never develops, the effects never develop. It was just another lousy attempt to try and make a film about a forced 'strong female' lead (where again 'strong' translates to 'looks and dresses like and/or was born as a male')

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