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Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gaur-abhi 9 / 10 / 10

A path breaking movie

"Sach aur Sahas hai jis ke man mein, Ant mein jeet usi ki rahe...." The quote is from the movie 'Lagaan'. You must be wondering what this quote is doing in the review of a movie which was released about 20 years back(1985). The reason is that the basic theme in some ways is still the same. Mirch Masala is one of the most powerful film to have been made in India. A low budget movie, starring Nasseruddin, Smita and Om Puri in one of their best performances ever. The story is of a pre-independence Kutch village in India, the British deployed Tax collectors enjoy a total monopoly over the villagers and they have transformed into Bandits, looting and snatching from the villagers whatever they desire: money, cattle, land or women. The head collector (Naseer) is one such guy and on one of his trips to this village comes across a woman (Smita) and immediately develops a liking for her. He tries to woo her a couple of times but finally manages to get slapped by her in front of his goon army. Then starts the chase. The lady runs and finds refuge in a Spice factory guarded by an old Muslim (Om Puri). The factory has 20 odd women working and they are trapped inside too. Naseer tries to lure her out but fails. Om is pressured by many including the factory owner as well as the Village Head (Suresh Oberoi), but he comes across an honest old man willing to sacrifice his life. The movie tackles many social issues like women education, women empowerment etc. The ending scene is very motivating and captivating where a group of 20 odd women (and the old guard) are able to achieve what the 100+ plus villagers could not. That is, rise against the handful oppressors and teach them a lesson. How they manage to do it is something that should be watched rather than told. Excellent movie that can be watched any time and for any number of times.

Reviewed by Crispin-Bates 10 / 10 / 10

An inspiring socialist-feminist tale

Set somewhere in Rajputana / northern Madhya Pradesh in central India between the two World Wars, this movie depicts the sordid daily humiliation and exploitation heaped upon villagers by an over-mighty landlord (Zamindar). When his attention focusses on the women, they unite and fight back, to the shame of their feeble husbands. Starring Naseeruddin Shah - a leading dramatic actor - in one of his more devlish roles. An historical epic as well as a manifesto for the liberation of the oppressed in rural India.

Reviewed by TagoreFan 10 / 10 / 10

Superb Film, Smita in full power as the brilliant actor she was

It is a deeply moving, crisply logical (even as the peppers dried in the sun would be), beautifully thought out film. The range of Son Bai's character from the early playfulness, the innocent chanchalta of a happy, hard working village wife, the tender moments with her husband, her loneliness when the husband is gone to his job in the railways, and her fiercely effective rage towards her greedy attacker: the Subedar. Yet, there is no Mother India like (a film alluded to, in a complimentary way, throughout parts of the film's plot line) high drama in her rage; it is very authentic, sincere, not filmy, and the silent alliance between Abu Mian and Son Bai, their clear understanding of what is at stake is depicted powerfully -- with very few spoken words, only Ketan Mehta's brilliant cinematography and Om Puri's and Smita's excellent chemistry. Others, including such stars as my most favorite Indian actress, Dina Pathak (whose mother roles are as profoundly moving as Daisy Irani's, though fewer, child roles), Deepti Naval, Supriya Pathak, and of course, Naseerudhin Shah (only he could have acted the Subedar in just that precise, perfect way to make all other elements of the film work so extremely well), also Ratna Pathak is very good, nearly everyone who acts in this film has done excellently well. One of the world's ten most important films, a timeless classic and firmly grounded in historical time.

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